Netdata - v1.34.1

This patch release fixes versioning issues that occured in the latest release (Netdata v1.34):

  • The release artifacts on the release itself showed a version of v1.33.1-339-g0046735ba instead of v1.34.0
  • The binaries for the release, irrespective of the source, also showed the same version.
  • The Docker images for the release have incorrect image tags that are inconsistent with our previous Docker image tag.
  • Git tags ended up partially duplicated.

Support options

Supporting people in using and building with Netdata is very important to us! Should you need any help or encounter an issue with any of the changes made in this release, feel free to get in touch with the community through the following channels:

  • GitHub: Report bugs or submit a new feature request.
  • GitHub Discussions: Share your ideas, and be part of the Netdata Agent development process.
  • Community forum: Collaborate with other troubleshooters in building a community-driven knowledge base around Netdata.
  • Discord: Join us in celebrating the culture of infrastructure monitoring. Hang out with like-minded sysadmins, SREs, and troubleshooters.


April 15, 2022, 6:09 p.m.
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