Netdata - v1.39.1

This patch release provides the following bug fixes:

  • We noticed that claiming and enabling auto-updates have been failing due to incorrect permissions when was doing a static installation. The issue has affected all static installations, including the one done from the Windows MSI installer. The permissions have now been corrected.

  • The recipient lists of agent alert notifications are configurable via the health_alarm_notify.conf file. A stock file with default configurations can be modified using edit-config. @jamgregory noticed that the default settings in that file can make changing role recipients confusing. Unless the edited configuration file included every setting of the original stock file, the resulting behavior was unintuitive. @jamgregory kindly added a PR to fix the handling of custom role recipient configurations.

  • A bug in our collection and reporting of Infiniband bandwidth was discovered and fixed.

  • We noticed memory buffer overflows under some very specific conditions. We adjusted the relevant buffers and the calls to strncpyz to prevent such overflows.

  • A memory leak in certain circumstances was found in the ACLK code. We fixed the the incorrect data handling that caused it.

  • An unrelated memory leak was discovered in the ACLK code and has also been fixed.

  • Exposing the anomaly rate right on top of each chart in Netdata Cloud surfaced an issue of bad ML models on some very noisy metrics. We addressed the issue by suppressing the indications that these noisy metrics would produce. This change gives the ML model a chance to improve, based on additional collected data.

  • Finally, we improved the handling of errors during ML transactions, so that transactions are properly rolled back, instead of failing in the middle.

Support options

As we grow, we stay committed to providing the best support ever seen from an open-source solution. Should you encounter
an issue with any of the changes made in this release or any feature in the Netdata Agent, feel free to contact us
through one of the following channels:

  • Netdata Learn: Find documentation, guides, and reference material for monitoring and
    troubleshooting your systems with Netdata.
  • GitHub Issues: Make use of the Netdata repository to report bugs or open
    a new feature request.
  • GitHub Discussions: Join the conversation around the Netdata
    development process and be a part of it.
  • Community Forums: Visit the Community Forums and contribute to the collaborative
    knowledge base.
  • Discord: Jump into the Netdata Discord and hangout with like-minded sysadmins,
    DevOps, SREs and other troubleshooters. More than 1300 engineers are already using it!


May 18, 2023, 2:21 p.m.
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