Netdata - 1.34.0

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❗ We're keeping our codebase healthy by removing features that are end of life. Read the deprecation notice to check if you are affected.

Netdata open-source Agent statistics

We're proud to empower each and every one of you to troubleshoot your infrastructure using Netdata:

  • 7.3M+ troubleshooters monitor with Netdata
  • 1.3M+ unique nodes currently live
  • 3.3k+ new nodes per day
  • 51k+ Docker pulls per day with 387M all-time total

If you're part of our community and love Netdata, please give us a star on GitHub⭐.

Release highlights

Kubernetes Monitoring: New charts for CPU throttling

Have you seen your applications get stuck or fail to respond to health checks? It might be the CPU quota limit!

Kubernetes relies on the kernel control group (cgroup) mechanisms to manage CPU constraints. The CPU quota is allocated based on a period of time, not on available CPU power. When an application has used its allotted quota for a given period, it gets throttled until the next period.

So if you don’t set your CPU limits correctly, your applications will be throttled while your CPU may be idle. And CPU throttling is really hard to identify since Kubernetes only exposes usage metrics.

In this release, we make troubleshooting Kubernetes even easier by adding two new charts for CPU throttling:

  • CPU throttled Runnable Periods: The percentage of runnable periods when tasks in a cgroup have been throttled.
  • CPU throttled Time Duration: The total time duration for which tasks in a cgroup have been throttled.


Machine learning (ML) powered anomaly detection

The performance of the machine learning threads have been significantly optimized in this release. We were able to reduce peak CPU usage considerably by sampling input data randomly and excluding constant metrics from training. That way, we've optimized performance while maintaining high levels of accuracy. If you're streaming data between nodes: We've optimized CPU usage on parent nodes with multiple child nodes by altering the training thread's max sleep time.

Streaming compression is now in Alpha

We introduced streaming compression in Netdata Agent v1.33.0 as a tech preview. The feature has matured a lot since then so we are moving forward to alpha stage. From now on, streaming compression will be enabled by default, allowing you to leverage faster streaming between parent and child nodes at a lower bandwidth.

SNMP collector now runs on Go

Go is known for its reliability and blazing speed - precisely what you need when monitoring networks. We've rewritten our SNMP collector from Node.js to Go. Apart from improved configuration options, the new collector eliminates the need for Node.js, slimming down our dependency tree.

Note: The node.js-based SNMP collector will be deprecated in the next release, see the deprecation notice.

πŸ“„ SNMP Go collector documentation

Improved installation experience

We have been improving our kickstart script to give you a smooth installation experience. We've added some handy features like:

  • Dry run mode: Show what would be done without actually modifying the system, including reporting a number of common installation issues before they arise.
  • Overhauled auto-update management: Including support for auto-updates with our native packages and much easier control of whether auto updates are enabled or not.
  • Improved reinstallation support: With the new --reinstall-clean option, you can now have the kickstart script cleanly uninstall an existing installation before installing Netdata again.


We would like to thank our dedicated, talented contributors that make up this amazing community. The time and expertise that you volunteer is essential to our success. We thank you and look forward to continue to grow together to build a remarkable product.

  • @xrgman for fixing typos in our documentation.
  • @wooyey for fixing a parsing error in python.d/hpssa collector.
  • @tycho for fixing python collector that use sudo.
  • @tnagorran for fixing a typo in the step-by-step Netdata guide.
  • @rex4539 for fixing typos.
  • @petecooper for improving the installer script usage message.
  • @godismyjudge95 for fixing a bug in the updater script.
  • @fayak for fixing parsing of claiming extra parameters in kickstart.
  • @dvdmuckle for fixing a typo in ZFS ARC Cache size dashboard info.
  • @d--j for fixing setting of 'time offset' configuration option in timex plugin.
  • @cimnine for fixing a bug when tar can not set the correct permissions during installation.
  • @AlexGhiti for fixing building Netdata on riscv64.
  • @Daniel15 for fixing license URL.
  • @MariosMarinos for fixing a typo in the file.
  • @RatishT for fixing typo in
  • @DanTheMediocre for improving timex plugin documentation and dashboard info.
  • @DanTheMediocre for fixing a typo in
  • @Steve8291 for fixing ioping_disk_latency alarm lookup value.
  • @Steve8291 for fixing config file check in stock config directory in ioping plugin.
  • @Steve8291 for adding a link to Netdata badges readme in the health documentation.
  • @Steve8291 for fixing libnetfilter-acct-dev package name in nfacct plugin documentation.


New collectors

  • Add CPU throttling charts (cgroups.plugin) (#12591, @ilyam8)
  • Add clock status chart (timex.plugin) (#12501, @ilyam8)
  • Add Asterisk configuration file with synthetic charts (statsd.plugin) (#12381, @ilyam8)
  • Add new chart for process states metrics (apps.plugin) (#12305, @surajnpn)
  • Add thermal zone metrics collection (go.d/wmi) (#667, @ilyam8)
  • Add SNMP data collector (go.d/snmp) (#644, @surajnpn)


βš™οΈ Enhancing our collectors to collect all the data you need.

See all pull requests - Add 'locust' to apps_groups.conf ([#12498](, [@andrewm4894]( - Enable timex plugin for non-linux systems (timex.plugin) ([#12489](, [@surajnpn]( - Prefer 'blkio.*_recursive' files when available (cgroups.plugin) ([#12462](, [@ilyam8]( - Add 'stress-ng' and 'gremlin' to apps_groups.conf (apps.plugin) ([#12165](, [@andrewm4894]( - Add Apple Filing Protocol daemons into 'afp' group (apps.plugin) ([#12078](, [@ilyam8]( - Show the number of processes/threads for empty apps groups (apps.plugin) ([#11834](, [@vlvkobal]( - Add a configuration option to set application (go.d/prometheus) ([#669](, [@ilyam8](

Bug fixes

🐞 Improving our collectors one bug fix at a time.

See all pull requests - Fix collecting data when 'ntp_adjtime' call fails (timex.plugin) ([#12667](, [@vlvkobal]( - Fix chart titles with instance-specific information ([#12644](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix CPU utilization calculation (cgroups.plugin) ([#12622](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix checking for IOMainPort on MacOS (macos.plugin) ([#12600](, [@vlvkobal]( - Fix cgroup version detection with systemd (cgroups.plugin) ([#12553](, [@vlvkobal]( - Fix network charts context (cgroups.plugin) ([#12454](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix sending unnecessary data in FreeBSD (apps.plugin) ([#12446](, [@surajnpn]( - Fix charts context (cups.plugin) ([#12444](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix recursion in apcupsd_check (charts.d/apcupsd) ([#12418](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix double host prefix when Netdata running in a podman container (cgroups.plugin) ([#12380](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix config file check in stock config directory (ioping.plugin) ([#12327](, [@Steve8291]( - Fix setting of 'time offset' configuration option (timex.plugin) ([#12281](, [@d--j]( - Fix logical drive data parsing error (python.d/hpssa) ([#12206](, [@wooyey]( - Fix getting username when UID is unknown on the host (python.d/nvisia_smi) ([#12184](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix a typo in ZFS ARC Cache size info ([#12138](, [@dvdmuckle]( - Fix collecting of renamed metrics (go.d/k8s_kubelet) ([#674](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix reading stock configuration files in k8s (go.d.plugin) ([#670](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix runtime chart context hard coding (go.d.plugin) ([#668](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix failed check because of invalid metric type (go.d/prometheus) ([#665](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix handling of replica set charts dimensions (go.d/mongodb) ([#646](, [@ilyam8](



Bug fixes

🐞 Improving eBPF integration one bug fix at a time.

See all pull requests - Fix missing chart context for cgroups charts ([#12671](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix eBFP plugin crash on exit ([#12590](, [@thiagoftsm]( - Fix unnecessary error log lines for proc and sys files ([#12385](, [@thiagoftsm]( - Fix removing pid file on exit ([#12379](, [@thiagoftsm](


  • Change color of Netdata logo on left sidebar (#12607)
  • Update Community section and the links for opening a new issue on GitHub in 'Need Help?' modal (#12607)
  • Add 'Netdata Cloud connection status' modal (#12407)


  • Fix parsing of 'os_name' for older agent versions streaming to a parent (#12425, @stelfrag)
  • Deactivate streaming compression at runtime in case of a compressor buffer overflow (#12037, @odynik)




Packaging / Installation

πŸ“¦ "Handle with care" - Just like handling physical packages, we put in a lot of care and effort to publish beautiful software packages.

See all pull requests - Summarize encountered errors and warnings at end of kickstart script run ([#12636](, [@Ferroin]( - Fix logging an incorrect configuration option in kickstart ([#12657](, [@MrZammler]( - Add eBPF CO-RE version and checksum files to distfile list ([#12627](, [@Ferroin]( - Fix "print: command not found" issue in kickstart ([#12615](, [@maneamarius]( - Check if libatomic can be linked ([#12583](, [@MrZammler]( - Fix missing setuid bit for ioping.plugin after reinstalling Debian package ([#12580](, [@ilyam8]( - Improve kickstart messaging ([#12577](, [@Ferroin]( - Fix temporary directory handling for dependency handling script in updater ([#12562](, [@Ferroin]( - Improve netdata-updater logging messages ([#12557](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix building on MacOS ([#12554](, [@underhood]( - Fix FreeBSD bundled protobuf build if system one is present ([#12552](, [@underhood]( - Add '--reinstall-clean' flag to kickstart ([#12548](, [@maneamarius]( - Fix enabling netdata.service during installation on Debian/Ubuntu ([#12542](, [@ralphm]( - Upgrade protocol buffer version to 3.19.4 ([#12537](, [@surajnpn]( - Remove using non-default values for CPU scheduling policy/OOM score in native packages ([#12529](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix enabling auto-updates in kickstart when the script is run as a normal user ([#12526](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix netdata-updater script for Debian packages ([#12524](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix importing Gpg Keys issue on Centos when installing Netdata in interactive mode ([#12519](, [@maneamarius]( - Fix importing Gpg Keys issue on Centos7 when installing Netdata in interactive mode ([#12506](, [@maneamarius]( - Skip running the updater in kickstart dry-run mode ([#12497](, [@Ferroin]( - Add '--force-update' parameter to netdata-updater ([#12493](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix enabling auto-updates in the script ([#12491](, [@ilyam8]( - Bump the debhelper compat level to 10 in our DEB packaging code. ([#12488](, [@Ferroin]( - Recognize Almalinux as an RHEL clone ([#12487](, [@Ferroin]( - Update static build components to latest versions ([#12461](, [@ktsaou]( - Add support for passing extra claiming options when claiming with Docker ([#12457](, [@Ferroin]( - Fix detection of install type when static or build installation was performed on a native-supported platform ([#12438](, [@maneamarius]( - Fix checksum validation error when installing on BSD systems ([#12429](, [@ilyam8]( - Lowercase uuidgen value in the netdata-claim script ([#12422](, [@ilyam8]( - Add a delay between starting Netdata and checking pids ([#12420](, [@ilyam8]( - Allow updates without environment files in some cases ([#12400](, [@Ferroin]( - Reorder functions properly in updater script ([#12399](, [@Ferroin]( - Fix shellcheck warnings in Docker ([#12377](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix handling of checks for newer updater script on update ([#12367](, [@Ferroin]( - Unconditionally link against libatomic ([#12366](, [@AlexGhiti]( - Redirect dependency handling script output to logfile when running from the updater ([#12341](, [@Ferroin]( - Use default "bind to" in native packages ([#12336](, [@ilyam8]( - Use the built agent version for Netdata static build archive name ([#12335](, [@Ferroin]( - Set repo priority in YUM/DNF repository configuration ([#12332](, [@Ferroin]( - Add a dry run mode to the kickstart script ([#12322](, [@Ferroin]( - Provide better handling of config files in Docker containers ([#12310](, [@Ferroin]( - Fix uninstall using kickstart flag ([#12304](, [@maneamarius]( - Fixing writing to stderr on success when testing tmpdir in updater ([#12298](, [@godismyjudge95]( - Switch to using to toggle auto updates on and off when installing ([#12296](, [@Ferroin]( - Pull in build dependencies when updating a locally built install ([#12294](, [@Ferroin]( - Fix setting of claiming extra parameters in kickstart ([#12289](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix incorrect install-type on some older nightly installs ([#12282](, [@Ferroin]( - Add proper handling for legacy kickstart install detection ([#12273](, [@Ferroin]( - Revise claiming error message in kickstart script ([#12248](, [@Ferroin]( - Fix libc detection when installing eBPF plugin ([#12242](, [@thiagoftsm]( - Fix license URL ([#12219](, [@Daniel15]( - Add support to the updater to toggle auto-updates on and off ([#12202](, [@Ferroin]( - Fix detection of existing installs in kickstart ([#12199](, [@Ferroin]( - Make POSIX compatibility and add --uninstall flag ([#12195](, [@maneamarius]( - Add warning about broken Docker hosts in container entrypoint ([#12175](, [@Ferroin]( - Tidy up the installer script usage message ([#12171](, [@petecooper]( - Bundle protobuf on CentOS 7 and earlier ([#12167](, [@Ferroin]( - Fix parsing of claiming extra parameters in kickstart ([#12148](, [@fayak]( - Improve messaging around unknown install handling in kickstart script ([#12134](, [@Ferroin]( - Rename DO_NOT_TRACK to DISABLE_TELEMETRY ([#12126](, [@ilyam8]( - Overhaul handling of auto-updates in the installer code ([#12076](, [@Ferroin]( - Add handling for claiming non-standard install types with kickstart ([#12064](, [@Ferroin]( - Add '--no-same-owner' to 'tar xf' in installer ([#11940](, [@cimnine]( - Update netdata-service CapabilityBoundingSet to fix collectors using sudo ([#10201](, [@tycho](


πŸ“„ Keeping our documentation healthy together with our awesome community.

See all pull requests - Update the streaming docs to reflect the default settings for stream compression ([#12669](, [@odynik]( - Add missing configuration options to ML readme file ([#12575](, [@andrewm4894]( - Update anonymous-statistics readme for PostHog Cloud ([#12571](, [@andrewm4894]( - Fix unresolved file references ([#12528](, [@ilyam8]( - Improve eBPF documentation ([#12503](, [@thiagoftsm]( - Improve timex plugin documentation and dashboard info description ([#12495](, [@DanTheMediocre]( - Remove mention of py2/py3 compatibility from python plugin readme ([#12465](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix broken link in streaming docs ([#12428](, [@kickoke]( - Add content for eBPF docs ([#12417](, [@thiagoftsm]( - Add link to Netdata badges readme in health docs ([#12412](, [@Steve8291]( - Add missing frontmatter in ML docs ([#12353](, [@kickoke]( - Fix libnetfilter-acct-dev package name in nfacct plugin docs ([#12326](, [@Steve8291]( - Fix a typo in ([#12317](, [@DanTheMediocre]( - Add ML notebooks ([#12313](, [@andrewm4894]( - Fix typos in ([#12272](, [@RatishT]( - Fix a typo in the step-by-step Netdata guide ([#12263](, [@tnagorran]( - Fix a typo in file ([#12220](, [@MariosMarinos]( - Fix typos in documentation ([#12208](, [@xrgman]( - Add a note about known issues on older hosts with seccomp enabled and claiming ([#12192](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix unresolved file references ([#12191](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix various typos ([#12183](, [@rex4539]( - Fix claiming command in the kickstart readme ([#12161](, [@kickoke]( - Remove Google Analytics from the docs ([#12145](, [@kickoke]( - Improve kickstart cloud installation docs ([#12143](, [@kickoke]( - Fixed broken links ([#12142](, [@kickoke]( - Improve Amazon SNS notification method readme ([#11946](, [@kickoke](

Other notable changes


βš™οΈ Greasing the gears to smoothen your experience with Netdata.

See all pull requests - Add a chart label filter parameter in context data queries ([#12652](, [@stelfrag]( - Add a timeout parameter to data queries ([#12649](, [@stelfrag]( - Add k8s cluster name to host labels (GKE only) ([#12638](, [@ilyam8]( - Add cloud providers info to host labels and /api/v1/info ([#12613](, [@ilyam8]( - Reduce logging on child reconnect ([#12594](, [@ilyam8]( - Improve ACLK sync logging ([#12534](, [@stelfrag]( - Add more info to netdatacli 'aclk-state' ([#12458](, [@underhood]( - Remove "web files" options leftovers ([#12403](, [@ilyam8]( - Improve agent to cloud synchronization performance ([#12348](, [@stelfrag]( - Remove owner check from webserver ([#12339](, [@thiagoftsm]( - Change default OOM score and scheduling policy to behave more sanely ([#12271](, [@Ferroin]( - Add more info to aclk-state API call ([#12231](, [@underhood]( - Add -W keepopenfds option ([#12211](, [@vkalintiris]( - Remove chart specific configuration from netdata.conf except enabled ([#12209](, [@stelfrag]( - Improve cleaning up of orphan hosts ([#12201](, [@stelfrag]( - Add install method to /api/v1/info as label ([#12040](, [@underhood]( - Add all query types to aclk_processed_query_type ([#12036](, [@underhood]( - Create a removed alert event if chart goes obsolete ([#12021](, [@MrZammler]( - Add chart for incoming proto msgs in new cloud protocol ([#11969](, [@underhood](

Bug fixes

🐞 Increasing Netdata's reliability one bug fix at a time.

See all pull requests - Fix deadlock when deleting a child instance host and ML training is running ([#12681](, [@vkalintiris]( - Fix Netdata crash during anomaly calculation ([#12672](, [@vkalintiris]( - Fix not clean ACLK shutdown when agent is shutting down ([#12625](, [@underhood]( - Fix shutting down the agent when the creation of the management API key file failed ([#12623](, [@MrZammler]( - Fix respecting of dimension hidden option when executing a query ([#12570](, [@stelfrag]( - Fix Agent crash on api/v1/info call ([#12565](, [@erdem2000]( - Fix CPU frequency detection in ([#12550](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix sending alert events with missing timezone data ([#12547](, [@MrZammler]( - Fix invalid pointer reference when executing agent CLI commands ([#12540](, [@stelfrag]( - Fix memory leaks on Netdata exit ([#12511](, [@vlvkobal]( - Fix wrong 'metrics-count' in /api/v1/info ([#12504](, [@vkalintiris]( - Fix issue with charts not properly synchronized with the cloud ([#12451](, [@stelfrag]( - Fix high CPU usage for unclaimed agents ([#12449](, [@underhood]( - Fix CPU frequency detection of FreeBSD ([#12440](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix a case when claim_id is sent in uppercase ([#12423](, [@underhood]( - Fix crash when netdatacli command output too long ([#12393](, [@underhood]( - Fix Netdata crash on ACLK alerts streaming ([#12392](, [@MrZammler]( - Fix build info output when dbengine is not compiled ([#12354](, [@underhood]( - Fix container virtualization detection with systemd-detect-virt ([#12338](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix returning 0 for unknown CPU frequency in ([#12323](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix CPU frequency detection for containers ([#12306](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix CPU info detection on macOS ([#12293](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix long timeouts on the cloud because the agent does not respond for failed queries with a failed message ([#12277](, [@underhood]( - Fix registration of child nodes in the cloud through the parent ([#12241](, [@stelfrag]( - Fix node information send to the cloud for older agent versions ([#12223](, [@stelfrag]( - Fix Netdata crash on ACLK alerts streaming when 'info' field is missing ([#12210](, [@MrZammler]( - Fix claiming with wget ([#12163](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix CPU frequency calculation in ([#12162](, [@ilyam8]( - Fix data query option allow_past to correctly work in memory mode ram and save ([#12136](, [@stelfrag]( - Fix the format=array output in context queries ([#12129](, [@stelfrag]( - Fix Netdata crash when there are charts with ids which differ only by symbols that are not '_' or alphanumeric and no unique names are provided ([#12067](, [@vlvkobal](

Code organization

πŸ‹οΈ Changes to keep our code base in good shape.

See all pull requests - Fix a compilation warning ([#12608](, [@vlvkobal]( - Make sure registered static threads are unique ([#12538](, [@vkalintiris]( - Fix configure output of eBPF plugin ([#12471](, [@underhood]( - Don't send an alert snapshot with snapshot_id 0 ([#12469](, [@MrZammler]( - Implement fine-grained errors to cloud queries ([#12460](, [@underhood]( - Initialize foreach alarms of dimensions in health thread ([#12452](, [@vkalintiris]( - Add delay on missing private key ([#12450](, [@underhood]( - Update build/m4/ax_pthread.m4 ([#12390](, [@vkalintiris]( - Delay removed event for 60 seconds after the chart's last collected time ([#12388](, [@MrZammler]( - Update Agent version in the Swagger API ([#12374](, [@tkatsoulas]( - Replace write with read locks ([#12309](, [@MrZammler]( - Add node_id into mirrored_hosts list ([#12307](, [@underhood]( - Remove unused variable in the system-info script ([#12297](, [@ilyam8]( - Only store alert hashes when iterated from localhost ([#12292](, [@MrZammler]( - Adjust cloud dimension update frequency ([#12284](, [@stelfrag]( - Add host labels _aclk_ng_new_cloud_protocol ([#12278](, [@underhood]( - Null terminate decoded_query_string if there are no url parameters. ([#12266](, [@MrZammler]( - Set a version number for the metadata database to better handle future data migrations ([#12249](, [@stelfrag]( - Fix builds where HAVE_C___ATOMIC is not defined. ([#12240](, [@vkalintiris]( - Remove unused code ([#12230](, [@underhood]( - Store dimension hidden option in the metadata db ([#12196](, [@stelfrag]( - Remove check for ACLK_NG and PROMETHEUS_WRITE in order to assume PROTOBUF ([#12168](, [@MrZammler]( - Fix compilation warnings on macOS ([#12082](, [@vlvkobal]( - Remove SIZEOF_VOIDP and ENVIRONMENT{32,64} macros. ([#12046](, [@vkalintiris]( - Remove unused NETDATA_NO_ATOMIC_INSTRUCTIONS macro ([#12045](, [@vkalintiris]( - Remove NETDATA_WITH_UUID def because it's not used anywhere. ([#12044](, [@vkalintiris]( - Inform cloud about inability to satisfy request ([#12041](, [@underhood]( - Remove ACLK_NEWARCH_DEVMODE ([#12018](, [@underhood](

Deprecation notice

The following items will be removed in our next minor release (v1.35.0):

Patch releases (if any) will not be affected.

| Component | Type | Replaced by |
| node.d | plugin | - |
| node.d/snmp | collector | go.d/snmp |
| python.d/apache | collector | go.d/apache |
| python.d/couchdb | collector | go.d/couchdb |
| python.d/dns_query_time | collector | go.d/dnsquery |
| python.d/dnsdist | collector | go.d/dnsdist |
| python.d/elasticsearch | collector | go.d/elasticsearch |
| python.d/energid | collector | go.d/energid |
| python.d/freeradius | collector | go.d/freeradius |
| python.d/httpcheck | collector | go.d/httpcheck |
| python.d/isc_dhcpd | collector | go.d/isc_dhcpd |
| python.d/mysql | collector | go.d/mysql |
| python.d/nginx | collector | go.d/nginx |
| python.d/phpfpm | collector | go.d/phpfpm |
| python.d/portcheck | collector | go.d/portcheck |
| python.d/powerdns | collector | go.d/powerdns |
| python.d/redis | collector | go.d/redis |
| python.d/web_log | collector | go.d/weblog |

All the deprecated components will be moved to the netdata/community repository.

Deprecated in this release

In accordance with our previous deprecation notice, the following items have been removed in this release:

| Component | Type | Replaced by |
| backends | subsystem | exporting engine |
| node.d/fronius | collector | - |
| node.d/sma_webbox | collector | - |
| node.d/stiebeleltron | collector | - |
| node.d/named | collector | go.d/bind |

Support options

Supporting people in using and building with Netdata is very important to us! Should you need any help or encounter an issue with any of the changes made in this release, feel free to get in touch with the community through the following channels:

  • GitHub: Report bugs or submit a new feature request.
  • GitHub Discussions: Share your ideas, and be part of the Netdata Agent development process.
  • Community forum: Collaborate with other troubleshooters in building a community-driven knowledge base around Netdata.
  • Discord: Join us in celebrating the culture of infrastructure monitoring. Hang out with like-minded sysadmins, SREs, and troubleshooters.


April 14, 2022, 5:57 p.m.
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