K9s - v0.32.4

Release v0.32.4


Thank you to all that contributed with flushing out issues and enhancements for K9s!
I'll try to mark some of these issues as fixed. But if you don't mind grab the latest rev
and see if we're happier with some of the fixes!
If you've filed an issue please help me verify and close.

Your support, kindness and awesome suggestions to make K9s better are, as ever, very much noted and appreciated!
Also big thanks to all that have allocated their own time to help others on both slack and on this repo!!

As you may know, K9s is not pimped out by corps with deep pockets, thus if you feel K9s is helping your Kubernetes journey,
please consider joining our sponsorship program and/or make some noise on social! @kitesurfer

On Slack? Please join us K9slackers

Maintenance Release!

♫ Sounds Behind The Release ♭

Thinking of all you at KubeCon Paris!!
May I suggest a nice glass of cold Merlote or other fine grape juices from my country?

Videos Are In The Can!

Please dial K9s Channel for up coming content...

Resolved Issues

  • #2608 Make the sanitize feature easier to use
  • #2605 Built-in shortcuts being overridden by plugins result in excessive logging
  • #2604 Ability to mark a plugin as Dangerous/destructive
  • #2592 "list access denied" when switching contexts within k9s since 0.32.0

Contributed PRs

Please be sure to give Big Thanks! and ATTA Girls/Boys! to all the fine contributors for making K9s better for all of us!!

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March 20, 2024, 7:18 p.m.
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