K9s - v0.28.0

Release v0.28.0


Thank you to all that contributed with flushing out issues and enhancements for K9s! I'll try to mark some of these issues as fixed. But if you don't mind grab the latest rev and see if we're happier with some of the fixes! If you've filed an issue please help me verify and close. Your support, kindness and awesome suggestions to make K9s better are, as ever, very much noted and appreciated! Also big thanks to all that have allocated their own time to help others on both slack and on this repo!!

As you may know, K9s is not pimped out by corps with deep pockets, thus if you feel K9s is helping your Kubernetes journey, please consider joining our sponsorship program and/or make some noise on social! @kitesurfer

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A Word From Our Sponsors...

To all the good folks below that opted to pay it forward and join our sponsorship program, I salute you!!

Sponsorship cancellations since the last release: 11 ;(

Feature Release

File Transfers in Da House!

Added ability to exchange files from your local machine to a pod or from a pod to your local machine. The pod view now surfaces a new command t to initiate the download/upload file transfers.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue #2249 Sort on the capacity column should consider Gi and Mb also
  • Issue #2225 View logs of all pods of a given deployment
  • Issue #2195 Some pod logs are not displayed. But I can display it when I use the command

  • Issue #2194 0.27.4 broke custom sort orders via views.yml

  • Issue #2185 No binaries for Linux_x86_64
  • Issue #2169 Add namespace name in ServiceAccount view with RoleBinding
  • Issue #2152 Latest opened namespace not being saved between k9s sessions
  • Issue #2131 deployments are not showing up, whereas kubectl gives a list
  • Issue #2130 Pending pods show 0/0 Ready instead of 0/x Ready
  • Issue #2128 k9s command not found after snap install
  • Issue #2121 colors for crds
  • Issue #2120 kustomize deletion not working as expected
  • Issue #2106 k9s delete behaves differently with kubectl
  • Issue #2085 When specifying the context command via the -c flag, selecting a cluster always returns to the context view
  • Issue #658 Feature request: Easy way to copy/download files from a pod/pv to your local PC

Contributed PRs

Please give Big Thanks! and ATTA Girls/Boys! to all the fine contributors for making K9s better for all of us!!

  • PR #2258 fix fsnotify watcher not fully working
  • PR #2253 fix manual sorting not working when sortColumn is configured
  • PR #2252 consider units when sorting capacity of pv and pvc
  • PR #2243 fix(typo): pdb header typo
  • PR #2239 fix: honor defaults from drain dialog in request
  • PR #2235 docs: add plugin.yml JSON schema
  • PR #2229 fix(log): clear bold log format after timestamp
  • PR #2188 Alias qa to quit
  • PR #2180 feat: Added support for arm in dockerfile
  • PR #2179 Focus command bar if active on startup
  • PR #2170 Add namespace for rolebinding on a clusterrole
  • PR #2161 Only apply keyConv to mnemonic in menus
  • PR #2158 Show the default container as the first entry
  • PR #2153 Changed checksums extension to checksums.sha256
  • PR #2158 Show the default container as the first entry
  • PR #2151 chore: pkg imported more than once
  • PR #2147 feat: plugin for adding an ephemeral debug container
  • PR #2141 Update plugin flux.yml with shortcuts for helm repo and oci repos
  • PR #2137 Correctly display the numbers in the Ready column of the pods view
  • PR #2136 Prompt window uses border styles
  • PR #2134 Remove unsupported key binding on users view
  • PR #2124 fix: add correct flags when deleting resources from Dir
  • PR #2119 feat: add indicator to title if toast is toggled
  • PR #2117 Add instruction how to install k9s through winget
  • PR #2112 Fix for styles
  • PR #2105 Fix the wrong/redundant icon in the prompt bar
  • PR #2103 Update carvel.yml to include contexts
  • PR #2096 fix: (config) only respect the --command flag once
  • PR #2091 Add get-all plugin specific for namespace view
  • PR #2089 Resources are rendered using skin.yaml colors
  • PR #2082 Fix typo introduced in #2045

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Nov. 7, 2023, 2:08 a.m.
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