Docker Engine - v25.0.0


For a full list of pull requests and changes in this release, refer to the relevant GitHub milestones:


Bug fixes and enhancements

  • API: Fix error message for invalid policies at ValidateRestartPolicy. moby/moby#46352
  • API: Update /info endpoint to use singleflight. moby/moby#45847
  • Add an error message for when specifying a Dockerfile filename with -f, and also using stdin. docker/cli#4346
  • Add support for mac-address and link-local-ip fields in --network long format. docker/cli#4419
  • Add support for specifying multiple --network flags with docker container create and docker run. moby/moby#45906
  • Automatically enable IPv6 on a network when an IPv6 subnet is specified. moby/moby#46455
  • Add support for overlay networks over IPv6 transport. moby/moby#46790
  • Configuration reloading is now more robust: if there's an error during the configuration reload process, no configuration changes are applied. moby/moby#43980
  • Live restore: Containers with auto remove (docker run --rm) are no longer forcibly removed on engine restart. moby/moby#46857
  • Live restore: containers that are live-restored will now be given another health-check start period when the daemon restarts. moby/moby#47051
  • Container health status is flushed to disk less frequently, reducing wear on flash storage. moby/moby#47044
  • Ensure network names are unique. moby/moby#46251
  • Ensure that overlay2 layer metadata is correct. moby/moby#46471
  • Fix Downloading progress message on image pull. moby/moby#46515
  • Fix NetworkConnect and ContainerCreate with improved data validation, and return all validation errors at once. moby/moby#46183
  • Fix option when IPv6 and ip6tables are enabled. moby/moby#46446
  • Fix daemon's cleanupContainer if containerd is stopped. moby/moby#46213
  • Fix returning incorrect HTTP status codes for libnetwork errors. moby/moby#46146
  • Fix various issues with images/json API filters and image list. moby/moby#46034
  • CIFS volumes now resolves FQDN correctly. moby/moby#46863
  • Improve validation of the userland-proxy-path daemon configuration option. Validation now happens during daemon startup, instead of producing an error when starting a container with port-mapping. moby/moby#47000
  • Set the MAC address of container's interface when network mode is a short network ID. moby/moby#46406
  • Sort unconsumed build arguments before display in build output. moby/moby#45917
  • The docker image save tarball output is now OCI compliant. moby/moby#44598
  • The daemon no longer appends ACCEPT rules to the end of the INPUT iptables chain for encrypted overlay networks. Depending on firewall configuration, a rule may be needed to permit incoming encrypted overlay network traffic. moby/moby#45280
  • Unpacking layers with extended attributes onto an incompatible filesystem will now fail instead of silently discarding extended attributes. moby/moby#45464
  • Update daemon MTU option to BridgeConfig and display warning on Windows. moby/moby#45887
  • Validate IPAM config when creating a network. Automatically fix networks created prior to this release where --ip-range is larger than --subnet. moby/moby#45759
  • containerd image store: Add image events for push, pull, and save. moby/moby#46405
  • containerd image store: Add support for pulling legacy schema1 images. moby/moby#46513
  • containerd image store: Add support for pushing all tags. moby/moby#46485
  • containerd image store: Add support for registry token. moby/moby#46475
  • containerd image store: Add support for showing the number of containers that use an image. moby/moby#46511
  • containerd image store: Fix a bug related to the ONBUILD, MAINTAINER, and HEALTHCHECK Dockerfile instructions. moby/moby#46313
  • containerd image store: Fix Pulling from progress message. moby/moby#46494
  • containerd image store: Add support for referencing images via the truncated ID with sha256: prefix. moby/moby#46435
  • containerd image store: Fix docker images showing intermediate layers by default. moby/moby#46423
  • containerd image store: Fix checking if the specified platform exists when getting an image. moby/moby#46495
  • containerd image store: Fix errors when multiple ADD or COPY instructions were used with the classic builder. moby/moby#46383
  • containerd image store: Fix stack overflow errors when importing an image. moby/moby#46418
  • containerd image store: Improve docker pull progress output. moby/moby#46412
  • containerd image store: Print the tag, digest, and size after pushing an image. moby/moby#46384
  • containerd image store: Remove panic from UpdateConfig. moby/moby#46433
  • containerd image store: Return an error when an image tag resembles a digest. moby/moby#46492
  • containerd image store: docker image ls now shows the correct image creation time and date. moby/moby#46719
  • containerd image store: Fix an issue handling user namespace settings. moby/moby#46375
  • containerd image store: Add support for pulling all tags (docker pull -a). moby/moby#46618
  • containerd image store: Use the domain name in the image reference as the default registry authentication domain. moby/moby#46779

Packaging updates



  • Deprecate API versions older than 1.24. Deprecation notice
  • Deprecate IsAutomated field and is-automated filter for docker search. Deprecation notice
  • API: Deprecate Container and ContainerConfig properties for /images/{id}/json (docker image inspect). moby/moby#46939


Jan. 19, 2024, 12:58 p.m.
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