Docker Engine - v20.10.13

This release of Docker Engine contains some bug-fixes and packaging changes,
updates to the docker scan and docker buildx commands, an updated version of
the Go runtime, and new versions of the runtime.
Together with this release, we now also provide .deb and .rpm packages of
Docker Compose V2, which can be installed using the (optional) docker-compose-plugin


  • Updated the bundled version of buildx to v0.8.0.


  • Fix a race condition when updating the container's state moby/moby#43166.
  • Update the etcd dependency to prevent the daemon from incorrectly holding file locks moby/moby#43259
  • Fix detection of user-namespaces when configuring the default net.ipv4.ping_group_range sysctl moby/moby#43084.


  • Retry downloading image-manifests if a connection failure happens during image
    pull moby/moby#43333.


  • Various fixes in command-line reference and API documentation.


  • Prevent an OOM when using the "local" logging driver with containers that produce
    a large amount of log messages moby/moby#43165.
  • Updates the fluentd log driver to prevent a potential daemon crash, and prevent
    containers from hanging when using the fluentd-async-connect=true and the
    remote server is unreachable moby/moby#43147.


  • Provide .deb and .rpm packages for Docker Compose V2. Docker Compose v2.3.3
    can now be installed on Linux using the docker-compose-plugin packages, which
    provides the docker compose subcommand on the Docker CLI. The Docker Compose
    plugin can also be installed and run standalone to be used as a drop-in replacement
    for docker-compose (Docker Compose V1) docker/docker-ce-packaging#638.
    The compose-cli-plugin package can also be used on older version of the Docker
    CLI with support for CLI plugins (Docker CLI 18.09 and up).
  • Provide packages for the upcoming Ubuntu 22.04 "Jammy Jellyfish" LTS release docker/docker-ce-packaging#645, docker/containerd-packaging#271.
  • Update docker buildx to v0.8.0.
  • Update docker scan (docker-scan-plugin) to v0.17.0.
  • Update containerd ( package) to v1.5.10.
  • Update the bundled runc version to v1.0.3.
  • Update Golang runtime to Go 1.16.15.


March 10, 2022, 6:59 p.m.
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