Docker Engine - v24.0.0


For a full list of pull requests and changes in this release, refer to the relevant GitHub milestones:


  • Introduce experimental support for containerd as the content store (replacing the existing storage drivers). moby/moby#43735, other moby/moby pull requests
  • The --host CLI flag now supports a path component in a ssh:// host address, allowing use of an alternate socket path without configuration on the remote host. docker/cli#4073
  • The docker info CLI command now reports a version and platform field. docker/cli#4180
  • Introduce the daemon flag --default-network-opt to configure options for newly created networks. moby/moby#43197
  • Restrict access to AF_VSOCK in the socket(2) family of syscalls in the default seccomp profile. moby/moby#44562
  • Introduce support for setting OCI runtime annotations on containers. docker/cli#45025, moby/moby#45025
  • Alternative runtimes can now be configured in daemon.json, enabling runtime names to be aliased and options to be passed. moby/moby#45032
  • The docker-init binary will now be discovered in FHS-compliant libexec directories, in addition to the PATH. moby/moby#45198
  • API: Surface the daemon-level --no-new-privileges in GET /info. moby/moby#45320


  • docker info no longer reports IndexServiceAddress. docker/cli#4204
  • libnetwork: Remove fallback code for obsolete kernel versions. moby/moby#44684, moby/moby#44802
  • libnetwork: Remove unused code related to classic Swarm. moby/moby#44965
  • libnetwork: Remove usage of the xt_u32 kernel module from encrypted Swarm overlay networks. moby/moby#45281
  • Remove support for buildkit's deprecated buildinfo in favor of standard provenance attestations. moby/moby#45097
  • Remove the deprecated AUFS and legacy overlay storage drivers. moby/moby#45342, moby/moby#
  • Remove the deprecated overlay2.override_kernel_check storage driver option. moby/moby#45368
  • Remove workarounds for obsolete versions of apparmor_parser from the AppArmor profiles. moby/moby#45500
  • API: GET /images/json no longer represents empty RepoTags and RepoDigests as<none>:<none>/<none>@<none>. Empty arrays are be returned instead on API >= 1.43. moby/moby#45068


  • Deprecate the --oom-score-adjust daemon option. moby/moby#45315
  • API: Deprecate the VirtualSize field in GET /images/json and GET /images/{id}/json. moby/moby#45346

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • The docker stack command no longer validates the build section of Compose files. docker/cli#4214
  • Fix lingering healthcheck processes after timeout is reached. moby/moby#43739
  • Reduce the overhead of container startup when using the overlay2 storage driver. moby/moby#44285
  • API: Handle multiple before= and since= filters in GET /images. moby/moby#44503
  • Fix numerous bugs in the embedded DNS resolver implementation used by user-defined networks. moby/moby#44664
  • Add execDuration field to the map of event attributes. moby/moby#45494
  • Swarm-level networks can now be created with the Windows internal, l2bridge, and nat drivers. moby/swarmkit#3121, moby/moby#45291

Packaging updates


May 16, 2023, 5:36 p.m.
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