DevSpace - v6.3.3

What's Changed

  • Fix silent hook panic by @FabianKramm in
  • Bump component chart by @FabianKramm in
  • Consider helm release name when showing helm deployment status by @mschoenlaub in
  • Added Validation Regex and Message to the user provided registry username by @alexandradragodan in
  • Added proper regex and validation message for container registry chec… by @alexandradragodan in
  • Avoid reformatting yaml when there are no patches to apply by @lizardruss in
  • Add devcontainer json for devspace by @89luca89 in &
  • Replace enry library, reduce binary size by @89luca89 in
  • Scoop installation by @pauleHeisster in
  • Update docusaurus and re-enable contextual search by @lizardruss in
  • Add option to disable colors for users with conflicting backgrou… by @lizardruss in
  • Devspace command fails when cluster is not required by @lizardruss in
  • Improve docs by @lianmakesthings in
  • Clarify where functions can be used by @lianmakesthings in
  • Add localRegistry to imported sections by @lizardruss in
  • Add explanation to necessary command for devimages by @lianmakesthings in
  • Create /usr/local/bin for proxycommands if it doesn't exist in t… by @lizardruss in
  • Fix and issue where run_watch --excludes with ./ not excluded by @lizardruss in
  • Clarify only supported build engines for localRegistry by @lianmakesthings in
  • Replace with by @Juneezee in
  • Remove the use of the --short flag in kubectl version by @lizardruss in
  • Update component chart version by @lizardruss in

New Contributors

  • @mschoenlaub made their first contribution in
  • @pauleHeisster made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


Aug. 31, 2023, 9:06 p.m.
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