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Local Registry

DevSpace now makes it even easier to start developing on Kubernetes. In many cases, it can be difficult to get started when you don't have an established way of pushing images between your local environment and a remote cluster. Setting up a registry when you're only evaluating Kubernetes and DevSpace is sometimes too much to ask.

DevSpace will detect whether you are using a local or remote cluster. When using a remote cluster DevSpace will check if you have push permissions to the image's registry. When you do not have push permissions, DevSpace will deploy an image registry to your cluster with a NodePort service, start port forwarding between your localhost and the registry pod, and update your image URLs to use the new localhost registry URL. The remote cluster will now resolve images from the deployed registry.

For cases when you are using a local Kubernetes cluster, or have push permissions to a remote registry, DevSpace will behave exactly as before. No additional configuration is needed in devspace.yaml, but if you wish to enabled persistence for the local registry, or use a custom registry image, configuration options are available.

What's Changed

  • Add DEVSPACE_PROFILES variable and is_in command by @alexissellier in
  • Specify a kubeClient when loading the devspace configuration by @alexissellier in
  • Add dark-green color for completed state pods in UI by @mahendrabagul in
  • Improve arch detection of pod when installing devspacehelper by @pratikjagrut in and @FabianKramm in
  • Fallback to ssh if https doesn't work when cloning dependencies by @pratikjagrut in &
  • Allow importing require statements and show all failures by @dtomasi in
  • Add disabled flag for dependencies to avoid resolving all dependencies by @lizardruss in
  • Add proper schema validation for vars by @mahendrabagul in
  • Fix an issue when authenticating with Azure Container Registry (ACR) by @lizardruss in
  • Local registry by @lizardruss in
  • Support "~" (home) at the start of sync path by @matskiv in
  • Add SIGINT syscall signal before SIGKILL by @mahendrabagul in
  • Fixed improper parsing of volume name by @ryancharris in
  • Use 'wss' protocol when DevSpace ui is loaded via 'https' by @lizardruss in
  • Fixed building in Kaniko from Windows by @lizardruss in
  • Improve output for pull secret creation by @FabianKramm in
  • Pass DevSpace vars to plugin environment by @mahendrabagul in
  • Add global flag for running dependencies sequentially by @pratikjagrut in
  • Fix commands with predefined variables by @FabianKramm in
  • Fix local registry failing with multiple dependencies by @lizardruss in
  • Scale down replica sets to allow transfer of persistPaths persistent volume claims between pods by @lizardruss in
  • Fix imported variables are not used in other variables by @pratikjagrut in
  • Generate keys using ecdsa instead of rsa by @pratikjagrut in

Other Changes

  • Add is_in function docs by @alexissellier in
  • Fix a tiny typo by @lianmakesthings in
  • Hide deprecated printLogs & remoteExec configs in docs by @carlmontanari in
  • Remove use profile command docs by @alexissellier in
  • Replace chmod/mv with install command in docs by @tradel in
  • Remove incorrect docs about environment variables with PowerShell by @lizardruss in
  • Correct function return value docs by @pratikjagrut in
  • Fix semantic error in docs example by @Kromtar in
  • Add Hooks page in docs by @mahendrabagul in
  • Fix typo in initialize project docs by @mahendrabagul in
  • Fix typo in Select Dev Container By Pod Labels page by @shepda in
  • Fix alwaysResolve flag's default value in docs by @mahendrabagul in
  • Fix issue template labels by @matskiv in
  • Add devspacehelper build details in contributing guide by @mahendrabagul in
  • Add profiles for dependency to documentation by @alexissellier in
  • Corrected documentation page title mistake by @matskiv in
  • Remove incorrect statement about BuildKit deployment name in documentation by @lizardruss in
  • Update dependencies by @FabianKramm in
  • Update sync help msg and documentation by @pratikjagrut in

New Contributors

  • @tradel made their first contribution in
  • @shepda made their first contribution in
  • @dtomasi made their first contribution in
  • @Kromtar made their first contribution in
  • @ryancharris made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


Nov. 28, 2022, 6:12 p.m.
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