DevSpace - v6.3.2

What's Changed

  • Update by @FabianKramm in
  • Add variables to support migrating DevSpace Cloud users by @lizardruss in
  • Upgrade component-chart to 0.8.6 by @89luca89 in
  • Do ensureNamespace only if the namespace doesn't really exist. by @89luca89 in
  • Minor fix to disableFallback documentation by @orguz in
  • Use v5 restart helper when upgrading v1beta11 schemas by @lizardruss in
  • Use 'helm dependency update' command because --dependency-update does not update versions by @lizardruss in
  • Ensure namespaces during dependencies resolution by @89luca89 in

Other Changes

  • chore(deps): bump webpack from 5.70.0 to 5.76.1 in /docs by @dependabot in
  • chore(deps): bump @sideway/formula from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 in /docs by @dependabot in

New Contributors

  • @orguz made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


March 28, 2023, 2:20 p.m.
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