DevSpace - v6.3.0

What's Changed

  • Add file upload progress by @89luca89 in
  • Make command flags available everywhere for get_flags by @lizardruss in
  • Documentation: update patch path examples to match v2beta1 schema by @lizardruss in
  • Check for correct devcontainer reverse ports by @alexissellier in
  • Add localRegistry.buildKitImage by @FabianKramm in
  • Fix tag replaced incorrectly when using dev.*.imageSelector with pre… by @lizardruss in
  • Improve detection of minikube clusters by @lizardruss in
  • Return error when a field is both in DevPod and DevContainer by @89luca89 in
  • Refactor helm dependency update to use --dependency-update by @lizardruss in
  • Add missing block in inlineManifest docs. #2544 by @89luca89 in
  • Improve documentation for expressions with inlineManifests by @89luca89 in
  • Add a parameter to disable helm dependency update by @alexissellier in
  • Update node install scripts for npm 9 by @lizardruss in
  • Continue even if a dev config has no Ports when running list ports by @alexissellier in
  • Silence warning for cyclic dependency root by @lizardruss in
  • Fix a typo in terminal documentation by @ninjaprox in
  • Add patches to kubectl deployments by @89luca89 in
  • Add a json output for list port command by @alexissellier in

Full Changelog:


Feb. 23, 2023, 6:49 p.m.
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