Activepieces - 0.20.0

Breaking Change:

✨ Exciting New Features

  • feat: audit logs (#3880) @abuaboud
  • feat(interfaces): add simple form support with file and text input (#3816) @MoShizzle
  • feat: date range filter in runs page (#3860) @MoShizzle

🧩 Pieces

  • feat(metabase): Get Question Action (#3893) @AdamSelene
  • feat(whatsable): send message action (#3906) @abuaboud
  • feat(snowflake): add run query action (#3878) @AdamSelene
  • feat(vtiger): query records action and element selection field for search record action (#3829) @kanarelo
  • feat(mailerlite): subscriber created,subscriber unsubscribed and subscriber added to group triggers (#3830) @kanarelo
  • fix: salesforce authentication popup (#3868) @abuaboud
  • feat(branch): add new condition "(number) is equal to" (#3828) @pfernandez98
  • feat(google-sheets): new row added instant trigger (BETA) (#3749) @kishanprmr
  • feat(image-helper): crop image / get metadata / resize image / rotate image actions (#3813) @AbdullahBitar
  • feat(odoo): get contacts / create contact / create comapany action (#3802) @mariomeyer
  • feat(discord): create channel and delete channel actions (#3819) @karimkhaleel
  • feat(google-calendar): add event details for create event action (#3814) @pfernandez98
  • feat(openai): allow custom base url + azure openai support (#3818) @MoShizzle

🛠️ Piece Framework

  • refactor: allow implementation of test function in webhook trigger (#3791) @khaledmashaly

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • fix: allow multiple approvals in same flow (#3887) @abuaboud
  • fix(pieces-search): weighted search, sorting by name (#3925) @abuaboud
  • fix(smtp): connection timeout (#3922) @MoShizzle
  • fix: build webhookUrl with flowId instead of versionId (#3918) @MoShizzle
  • fix: show full step name in tooltip when truncated in the builder (#3913) @AbdulTheActivePiecer
  • fix: resolve token url from props in oauth2 (#3909) @abuaboud
  • fix: notify on failed runs toggle wasn't working (#3910) @AbdulTheActivePiecer
  • fix: wrrong payload retry latest version (#3869) @abuaboud
  • fix: show delete/duplicate actions on hover for steps inside the false branch when the true branch is empty (#3866) @AbdulTheActivePiecer
  • fix: disappearing test data for piece triggers (#3861) @khaledmashaly
  • fix(ui): allow empty arrays for non required array props (#3857) @khaledmashaly
  • fix(sso): show correct url for platform on cloud edition (#3850) @abuaboud
  • fix: only check email auth if provider is email (#3844) @abuaboud
  • fix: add categories db migration (#3843) @abuaboud
  • fix(api): bypass project authz for webhook endpoints (#3842) @khaledmashaly
  • fix: install ssh client for git (#3836) @abuaboud
  • fix: cloud oauth2 toggle in admin console (#3832) @abuaboud

🎨 Enhancements & Polish

  • feat: add pagination to project members table in the admin console (#3924) @AbdulTheActivePiecer
  • fix: fixed email autofill issue (#3921) @AbdullahBitar
  • chore: disable spellcheck on email invite field (#3919) @AdamSelene
  • feat: hide error handling options from helper pieces (#3899) @MoShizzle
  • feat: allow panning in builder canvas on left click holding and moving (#3896) @AbdulTheActivePiecer
  • feat: add telemetry to interfaces and show error message for inputs when they required and not filled (#3886) @AbdulTheActivePiecer
  • fix: decrease steps visual space in builder (#3884) @AbdulTheActivePiecer
  • feat: decrease spacing between inputs in the builder and their sizes in all of the app. (#3882) @AbdulTheActivePiecer
  • feat: add support for app webhooks in self hosted (#3872) @abuaboud
  • fix: improve sorting of locales in locales list (#3867) @AbdulTheActivePiecer
  • fix: hide admin console for platform members (#3851) @abuaboud
  • fix: slice large arrays to prevent data to insert to crash (#3820) @AbdulTheActivePiecer

📚 Documentation

  • docs: update execution_mode's default value to match the code (#3912) @wise-introvert
  • docs: add AdamSelene as a contributor for plugin (#3879) @allcontributors
  • docs: add CPonchet as a contributor for bug (#3859) @allcontributors
  • docs: add mariomeyer as a contributor for plugin (#3827) @allcontributors
  • docs: add karimkhaleel as a contributor for plugin (#3826) @allcontributors

🧹 Maintenance & Dev Experience

  • chore: security upgrade sqlite3 from 5.1.6 to 5.1.7 (#3888) @abuaboud
  • ci: automate deployment (#3898) @abuaboud
  • refactor(backend): clean code builder (#3885) @khaledmashaly
  • chore: bump package-lock (#3834) @abuaboud
  • chore: turn off stats json to reduce docker image size (#3835) @abuaboud

Thanks ❤️

@AbdulTheActivePiecer, @AbdullahBitar, @AdamSelene, @MoShizzle, @abuaboud, @allcontributors, @allcontributors[bot], @ashrafsamhouri, @kanarelo, @karimkhaleel, @khaledmashaly, @kishanprmr, @mariomeyer, @pfernandez98, @snyk-bot and @wise-introvert


Feb. 14, 2024, 3:21 p.m.
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