Activepieces - 0.3.12


- Added Amazon S3 "Upload from File from URL" and "Upload File from Base64" actions.
- Created a new Postgres action called "Run Query."
- Created new actions for a project management tool called Monday: "New Item in Board," "New Update," and "Create Item."

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug in which Gmail couldn't send emails with new lines.
- Fixed a bug where a step could be selected even if it hadn't been tested.
- Fixed a bug where webhook triggers would stay enabled when the instance was disabled.
- Test steps should now show errors properly.
- Added a Home Path Variable to the sandbox so that libraries that require it, like AWS S3, now work.

- Removed collections and replaced them with folders.
- Cloud tasks are now only counted if they are actually executed.
- Credentials are now censored in the logs.
- This feature is still under experimental mode You can specify an execution mode to be unsandboxed, which will no longer require docker to be privileged. However, it can only be used if there is a single user using Activepieces, as this will give the user full access to the machine from the code piece.

- @Willianwg created the Amazon S3 and Postgres actions.
- @kanarelo created the Monday actions.
- @dentych made their first contribution by improving the documentation in
- @nileshtrivedi made their first contribution by improving the documentation in

Full Changelog:


April 30, 2023, 10:49 p.m.
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