Activepieces - 0.19.0

✨ Exciting New Features

  • feat: code writer now adds packages (#3817) @MoShizzle
  • feat: custom api call action for all pieces (#3787) @MoShizzle
  • feat: show previous runs inside the builder, and make tables restore viewed data depending on parameters in the URL (#3773) @AbdulTheActivePiecer
  • feat: realtime flow run feedback via websockets (#3725) @MoShizzle
  • feat: add user identity to the commit on push / multiple project support in same repo / push single flow / document pull api (#3756) @abuaboud
  • feat: Add custom API calls for Google Sheets, Jira Cloud, LeadConnector, OpenAI, Shopify, Discord and Slack (#3736) @MoShizzle

🧩 Pieces

  • feat(flowlu): add pipeline field for create opportunity action (#3792) @kishanprmr
  • feat(ninja-invoice): create invoice / create client action (#3772) @buttonsbond
  • fix(storage-piece): "Key is not an array" error when using add-to-list action (#3760) @wise-introvert
  • feat(google-calendar): update event / delete event / custom api call action (#3757) @pfernandez98
  • fix(matomo): Ensure compatibility with v5 API (#3754) @joeworkman
  • feat(clickup): list tasks and list time entries action (#3752) @kanarelo
  • feat: add custom api call for clickup (#3750) @abuaboud
  • feat(heartbeat): create user action (#3738) @kanarelo
  • feat(mautic): new contact,contcat updated, contact channel/company subscription change triggers (#3729) @kanarelo
  • feat(crypto): hash to text action / generate random password action (#3741) @AbdullahBitar
  • chore: fix file names in csv parser (#3735) @abuaboud
  • fix(apitable): new record trigger / data source is now dropdown (#3724) @kishanprmr
  • fix(airtable): fix multilink field property type (#3733) @kishanprmr
  • fix(gmail): body type dropdown/ newline in place of
    (#3716) @kishanprmr
  • feat(google-drive): enrich search for file or folder with more options (#3705) @kanarelo

🛠️ Piece Framework

  • feat(pieces-framework): add auto renew webhook (#3755) @abuaboud
  • fix(piece-framework): add default processor for the text property (#3706) @kishanprmr
  • feat: add external id to execute property (#3739) @abuaboud
  • feat(piece-framework): support array of objects (#2960) @iam-dev0

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • fix: multiple delays should work (#3803) @abuaboud
  • fix: remove stale runs (#3808) @abuaboud
  • fix: install git in docker (#3809) @abuaboud
  • fix: use test method in actions (#3797) @abuaboud
  • fix: notify on flow run fail toggle wasn't being turned back on (#3788) @AbdulTheActivePiecer
  • fix: provide updated token each time on web socket connect (#3784) @abuaboud
  • fix: don't append extra slash after route in case of query params in client route changed event. (#3768) @AbdulTheActivePiecer
  • fix: show edit project button (#3765) @abuaboud
  • fix: use $ syntax instead of ? in database migration (#3758) @abuaboud
  • fix: reattach trigger payload when retrying on latest version (#3744) @MoShizzle
  • fix: loading custom archive platform pieces (#3748) @abuaboud
  • fix: resolve variables in dynamic props (#3737) @abuaboud

🎨 Enhancements & Polish

  • feat: add categories to community pieces (#3794) @kishanprmr
  • feat: add search & sorting for pieces in the api (#3799) @abuaboud
  • feat: added ability to move flow to folder from inside the builder (#3781) @AbdulTheActivePiecer
  • feat: while viewing a run, users have the choice to navigate to the flow itself (#3782) @AbdulTheActivePiecer
  • feat: enhanced the user experience for code writer with revamped interface (#3778) @AbdulTheActivePiecer
  • feat: set base url as default value in custom api call action (#3745) @MoShizzle
  • feat: adds import/export/rename/share actions to the flows table. (#3746) @AbdulTheActivePiecer
  • chore: add code assistant inside full screen editor and improve user experience inside generate code dialog (#3747) @AbdulTheActivePiecer
  • feat: add project switcher /add navigation from and to Admin console (#3691) @AbdulTheActivePiecer
  • feat: add project switcher and navigation buttons for (Admin Console) (#3726) @AbdulTheActivePiecer
  • feat(piece): allow install piece using api key (#3713) @abuaboud
  • refactor(engine): sandbox variable substitution (#3714) @khaledmashaly
  • chore: add search input for flows filter in runs table (#3715) @AbdulTheActivePiecer

📚 Documentation

  • docs: create action / trigger tutorial based on gelato api (#3805) @kishanprmr
  • docs: add AbdullahBitar as a contributor for plugin (#3742) @allcontributors
  • docs: fix broken links. Changes to links to point to new community folder (#3740) @kanarelo
  • docs: update platform docs (#3732) @abuaboud
  • docs: fixed typo in local.mdx (#3707) @zaaakher

🧹 Maintenance & Dev Experience

  • chore: support postgres connection string (#3806) @abuaboud
  • [Snyk] Security upgrade mailparser from 3.6.5 to 3.6.7 (#3804) @abuaboud
  • chore(deps): bump nodemailer from 6.9.4 to 6.9.9 (#3801) @dependabot
  • fix: merge the docker into single image (#3780) @abuaboud
  • feat: allow to sync custom pieces folder to platform (#3783) @abuaboud
  • feat: authn rate limit (#3763) @khaledmashaly
  • chore: smooth the cobranding (#3770) @abuaboud
  • refactor(backend): conditionally bind dirs for isolate engine sandbox (#3762) @khaledmashaly
  • refactor: use a shared isolated-vm instance for all sandboxes (#3731) @khaledmashaly
  • refactor(piece-framework): split properties in multiple files and provide json schema. (#3712) @abuaboud
  • feat(cli): create trigger command (#3704) @kishanprmr

Thanks ❤️

@AbdulTheActivePiecer, @AbdullahBitar, @MoShizzle, @abuaboud, @allcontributors, @allcontributors[bot], @buttonsbond, @dependabot, @dependabot[bot], @iam-dev0, @joeworkman, @kanarelo, @khaledmashaly, @kishanprmr, @pfernandez98, @snyk-bot, @wise-introvert and @zaaakher


Feb. 4, 2024, 10:24 p.m.
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