Zulip - 5.0

5.0 -- 2022-03-29


  • New resolve topic feature allows marking topics as ✔ completed.
    It’s a lightweight way to manage a variety of workflows, including support interactions,
    answering questions, and investigating issues.
  • Administrators may enable the option to create web-public streams.
    Web-public streams can be viewed by anyone on the Internet without creating an
    account in your organization.
  • Users can now select a status emoji alongside their status
    message. Status emoji are shown next to the user's name in the
    sidebars, message feed, and compose box. Animated status emoji will
    only animate on hover.
  • Redesigned the compose box, adding formatting buttons for bold,
    italics and links as well as visual improvements. New button for
    inserting global times into your message.
  • Redesigned "Stream settings" to be much more usable, with separate
    tabs for personal settings, global settings, and membership, and
    more consistent style with the rest of Zulip's settings.
  • Stream creation was redesigned with a much cleaner interface,
    especially for selecting initial subscribers.
  • Redesigned "Full user profile" widget to show the user's stream and
    user group subscriptions. Administrators can unsubscribe a user from
    streams directly from their full profile.
  • Reorganized personal and organization settings to have clearer
    labels and make it easier to find privacy settings.
  • Organization administrators can now configure the default personal
    preference settings for new users joining the organization.
  • Most permissions settings now support choosing which roles have the
    permission, rather than just allowing administrators or everyone.
  • Permanent links to conversations now correctly redirect if the
    target message has been moved to a new stream or topic.
  • Added a data import tool for migrating from Rocket.Chat. Mattermost
    data import now supports importing uploaded files.
  • Improved handling of messages containing many images; now up to 20
    images can be previewed in a single message (up from 5), and a new
    grid layout will be used.
  • OpenID Connect joins SAML, LDAP, Google, GitHub, Azure Active
    Directory, and more as a supported Single Sign-On provider.
  • SAML authentication now supports syncing custom profile
    fields. Additionally, SAML authentication now supports automatic
    account creation and IdP-initiated logout.
  • Added SCIM integration for synchronizing accounts with an external
    user database.
  • Added support for installation on ARM platforms (including Mac M1).
  • Removed support for Ubuntu 18.04, which no longer receives upstream
    security support for key Zulip dependencies.

Upgrade notes for 5.0

  • This release contains a migration, 0009_confirmation_expiry_date_backfill,
    that can take several minutes to run on a server with millions of
    messages of history.
  • The TERMS_OF_SERVICE and PRIVACY_POLICY settings have been
    removed in favor of a system that supports additional policy
    documents, such as a code of conduct. See the updated
    for the new system.

Full feature changelog

  • Timestamps in Zulip messages are now permanent links to the message
    in its thread.
  • Added support for invitation links with configurable expiry,
    including links that never expire. Deactivating a user now disables
    all invitations that the user had sent.
  • Added support for expanding the compose box to be full-screen.
  • Added support for filtering events in webhooks.
  • Added support for overriding Zulip's defaults for new users in your
  • Added support for referring to a user group with a silent mention.
  • Added new personal privacy setting controlling whether typing
    notifications are sent to other users.
  • Added new personal setting controlling whether Esc navigates the
    user to the default view.
  • Split stream creation policy into separate settings for private,
    public, and web-public streams.
  • New integrations: Freshstatus, Lidarr, Open Collective, Radarr,
    Sonarr, SonarQube.
  • Message edit notifications now indicate how many messages were
    moved, when only part of a topic was moved.
  • Muted topic records are now moved when an entire topic is moved.
  • Search views that don't mark messages as read now have an
    explanatory notice if any unread messages are present.
  • Added new "Scroll to bottom" widget hovering over the message feed.
  • Changed the default emoji set from Google Classic to Google Modern.
  • User groups mentions now correctly function as silent mentions when
    inside block quotes.
  • Messages that have been moved (but not otherwise edited) are now
    displayed as MOVED, not EDITED.
  • Reworked the UI for selecting a stream when moving topics.
  • Redesigned modals in the app to have more consistent and cleaner UX.
  • Added new topic filter widget in left sidebar zoomed view.
  • Redesigned Welcome Bot onboarding experience.
  • Redesigned hover behavior for timestamps and time mentions.
  • Messages sent by muted users can now be rehidden after being
    revealed. One can also now mute deactivated users.
  • Rewrote Help Center guides for new organizations and users, and made
    hundreds of other improvements to Help Center content and organization.
  • Reimplemented the image lightbox's pan/zoom functionality to be
    nicer, allowing us to enable it be default.
  • Added styled loading page for the web application.
  • Webhook integrations now support specifying the target stream by ID.
  • Notifications now differentiate user group mentions from personal mentions.
  • Added support for configuring how long the server should wait before
    sending email notifications after a mention or PM.
  • Improved integrations: BigBlueButton, GitHub, Grafana, PagerDuty,
    and many more.
  • Improved various interaction and performance details in Recent Topics.
  • Improved styling for poll and todo list widgets.
  • Zulip now supports configuring the database name and username when
    using a remote Postgres server. Previously, these were hardcoded to "zulip".
  • Migrated many tooltips to prettier tooltips powered by TippyJS.
  • Autocomplete is now available when editing topics.
  • Typeahead for choosing a topic now consistently fetches the full set
    of historical topics in the stream.
  • Changed "Quote and reply" to insert quoted content at the cursor when
    the compose box is not empty.
  • The compose box now has friendly UI for messages longer than 10K characters.
  • Compose typeahead now opens after typing only "@".
  • Improved the typeahead sorting for choosing code block languages.
  • Many additional subtle usability improvements to compose typeahead.
  • Adjusted permissions to only allow administrators to override
    unicode emoji with a custom emoji of the same name.
  • New "Manage this user" option in user profile popovers simplifies moderation.
  • New automated notifications when changing global stream settings
    like description and message retention policy.
  • Drafts are now advertised more prominently, in the left sidebar.
  • Drafts and message edit history now correctly render widgets like
    spoilers and global times.
  • Improved the tooltip formatting for global times.
  • LDAP userAccountControl logic now supports FreeIPA quirks.
  • Fixed a problem where self-hosted servers that permuted the IDs of
    their users by using the data export/import tools might send mobile
    push notifications to the wrong devices.
  • Fixed various bugs resulting in missing translations; most
    importantly in the in-application search/markdown/hotkeys help widgets.
  • Fixed several bugs that prevented browser undo from working in the
    compose box.
  • Fixed search typeahead not working once you've added a full-text keyword.
  • Fixed linkifier validation to prevent invalid linkifiers.
  • Fixed Ctrl+. shortcut not working correctly with empty topics.
  • Fixed numerous corner case bugs with email and mobile push notifications.
  • Fixed a bug resulting in long LaTeX messages failing to render.
  • Fixed buggy logic displaying users' last active time.
  • Fixed confusing "delete stream" language for archiving streams.
  • Fixed exceptions in races involving messages being deleted while
    processing a request to add emoji reactions, mark messages as read,
    or sending notifications.
  • Fixed most remaining 500 errors seen in Zulip Cloud (these were
    already quite rare, so this process involved debugging several rare
    races, timeouts, and error handling bugs.).
  • Fixed subtle bugs involving composing messages to deactivated users.
  • Fixed subtle bugs with reloading the page while viewing settings
    with "Recent topics" as the default view.
  • Fixed bug where pending email notifications could be lost when restarting
    the Zulip server.
  • Fixed "require topics" setting not being enforced for API clients.
  • Fixed several subtle Markdown rendering bugs.
  • Fixed several bugs with message edit history and stream/topic moves.
  • Fixed multiple subtle bugs that could cause compose box content to
    not be properly saved as drafts in various situations.
  • Fixed several server bugs involving rare race conditions.
  • Fixed a bug where different messages in search results would be
    incorrectly shown with a shared recipient bar despite potentially
    not being temporally adjacent.
  • Fixed lightbox download button not working with the S3 upload backend.
  • Increased default retention period before permanently removing
    deleted messages from 7 days to 30 days.
  • Rate limiting now supports treating all Tor exit nodes as a single IP.
  • Changed "From" header in invitation emails to no longer include the
    name of the user who sent the invitation, to prevent anti-phishing
    software from flagging invitations.
  • Added support for uploading animated PNGs as custom emoji.
  • Renamed "Night mode" to "Dark theme".
  • Added the mobile app's notification sound to desktop sound options,
    as "Chime".
  • Reworked the manage.py help interface to hide Django commands that are
    useless or harmful to run on a production system. Also deleted
    several useless management commands.
  • Improved help and functionality of several management commands. New
    create_realm management command supports some automation workflows.
  • Added RealmAuditLog logging for most administrative actions that
    were previously not tracked.
  • Added automated testing of the upgrade process from previous releases,
    to reduce the likelihood of problems upgrading Zulip.
  • Attempting to "upgrade" to an older version now gives a clear error
  • Optimized critical parts of the message sending code path for large
  • Optimized creating streams in very large organizations.
  • Certain unprintable Unicode characters are no longer permitted in
    topic names.
  • Added IP-based rate limiting for unauthenticated requests.
  • Added documentation for Zulip's rate-limiting rules.
  • Merged the API endpoints for a user's personal settings into the
    /settings endpoint with a cleaner interface.
  • The server API now supports marking messages as unread, allowing
    this upcoming mobile app feature to work with Zulip 5.0.
  • Added to the API most page-load parameters used by the web app
    application that were missing from the /register API.
  • Simplified the infrastructure for rendering API documentation so
    that only a few pages require Markdown templates in addition to the
    OpenAPI specification file.
  • Corrected many minor issues with the API documentation.
  • Major improvements to both the infrastructure and content for
    Zulip's ReadTheDocs documentation for contributors and sysadmins.
  • Major improvements to the mypy type-checking, discovered via
    using the django-stubs project to get Django stubs.
  • Renamed main branch from master to main.


March 29, 2022, 3:32 p.m.
Zulip Server 5.0
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