Zulip - 5.1

  • Fixed upgrade bug where preexisting animated emoji would still always animate in statuses.
  • Improved check that prevents servers from accidentally downgrading, to not block upgrading servers that originally installed Zulip Server prior to mid-2017.
  • Fixed email address de-duplication in Slack imports.
  • Prevented an extraneous scrollbar when a notification banner was present across the top.
  • Fixed installation in LXC containers, which failed due to chrony not being runnable there.
  • Prevented a "push notifications not configured" warning from appearing in the new user default settings panel even when push notifications were configured.
  • Fixed a bug which, in uncommon configurations, would prevent Tornado from being restarted during upgrades; users would be able to log in, but would immediately be logged out.
  • Updated translations.


April 2, 2022, 6:02 a.m.
Zulip Server 5.1
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