Terraform - v1.7.0-alpha20231108

1.7.0-alpha20231108 (November 8, 2023)


  • Input validations are being restored to the state file in this version of Terraform. Due to a state interoperability issue (#33770) in earlier versions, users that require interaction between different minor series should ensure they have upgraded to the following patches:
    • Users of Terraform prior to 1.3.0 are unaffected;
    • Terraform 1.3 series users should upgrade to 1.3.10;
    • Terraform 1.4 series users should upgrade to 1.4.7;
    • Terraform 1.5 series users should upgrade to 1.5.7;
    • Users of Terraform 1.6.0 and later are unaffected.

This is important for users with terraform_remote_state data sources reading remote state across different versions of Terraform.
* nonsensitive function no longer errors when applied to values that are already not sensitive. (#33856)


  • Ignore potential remote terraform version mismatch when running force-unlock (#28853)
  • Exit Dockerfile build script early on cd failure. (#34128)


  • terraform test: Providers defined within test files can now reference variables from their configuration that are defined within the test file. (#34069)
  • terraform test: Providers defined within test files can now reference outputs from run blocks. (#34118)
  • import: for_each can now be used to expand the import block to handle multiple resource instances (#33932)

Previous Releases

For information on prior major and minor releases, see their changelogs:


Nov. 8, 2023, 8:36 p.m.
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