Spring Framework - v6.1.5

:star: New Features

  • Extract reusable method for URI validations #32440
  • Allow UriTemplate to be built with an empty template #32432
  • Optimize Coroutine invocations #32390
  • Improve exception message when Scheduled tasks that are using Virtual Threads fail on shutdown #32381
  • Add query parameters to MockMvc Kotlin DSL #32371
  • Optimize content type parsing in ServletServerHttpResponse #32361
  • Refine handling of disconnected client error in ExceptionHandlerExceptionResolver #32359
  • Refine \*HttpMessageConverter#getContentLength return value null safety #32325
  • Optimize HttpHeaders.getAcceptLanguageAsLocales #32318
  • SimpleAsyncTaskScheduler: consistently apply default error handling #32298
  • Use Spliterator of underlying collection in MutablePropertyValues / MutablePropertySources #32281

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes

  • SpEL fails to compile expression indexing into boolean array #32400
  • WebClient Observations are missing error #32389
  • WebClient request sent twice instantly when using @Cacheable #32370
  • AopUtils.getMostSpecificMethod does not return original method for proxy-derived method anymore #32365
  • Fix ServletResponseHttpHeaders#get null handling #32362
  • Compiled SpEL expression fails if #root or #this is a non-public type #32356
  • Suspend handler methods fail on nullable value class parameters #32353
  • Better protect against concurrent error handling for async requests #32340
  • Performance degradation due to Kotlin value class checks #32334
  • With value referenced from property file in XML configuration, setter selection can be random in case of overloaded setter methods (e.g. on SimpleClientHttpRequestFactory) #32329
  • constructor-impl of Kotlin value class is not called #32324
  • ContentCachingResponseWrapper no longer honors Content-Type and Content-Length #32317
  • Hibernate native image support broken by HHH-17643 #32311
  • Revisit DatabaseMetadata#getProcedures to only apply fallback if original search yield more than one result #32295
  • Remove Observation.Context from WebClient request #32198

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Documentation

  • Refine "Redirecting to a resource" section code sample #32423
  • Javadoc of ReactorNettyClientRequestFactory#setExchangeTimeout methods have wrong default value #32419
  • Fix order of 2 sections in the Validation chapter of the reference manual #32408
  • Fix Javadoc #32403
  • Document that SpEL expressions using array construction cannot be compiled #32401
  • Improve documentation for @Sql execution phases regarding lifecycle #32343
  • Omit parameter names in REST Clients section of reference docs #32335
  • Different transaction name when using TransactionAspectSupport.currentTransactionStatus().transactionName #32310
  • Provide guidelines for using Kotlin properties with proxies (@RequestScope and similar use cases) #32287
  • Correct documentation for userDestinationPrefix in MessageBrokerRegistry #32272

:hammer: Dependency Upgrades

  • Upgrade to Micrometer 1.12.4 #32431
  • Upgrade to Reactor 2023.0.4 #32420

:heart: Contributors

Thank you to all the contributors who worked on this release:

@Xednar, @ZeroCyan, @bsgrd, @ddaaac, @kilink, @qeeqez, and @quaff


March 14, 2024, 10:22 a.m.
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