Spring Framework - v6.1.0

:star: New Features

  • When using Oracle, JdbcClient.update(KeyHolder) does not work without explicit key column names #31607
  • Introduce way to convert ClientHttpResponse to desired type #31597
  • Property-driven onRefresh exit for AppCDS purpose #31595
  • No Micrometer traceId in JMS listener container errorHandler #31559
  • Register Hibernate @EmbeddableInstantiators registered on JPA embeddables for reflection #31534
  • Improve method validation support for errors on elements within a container #31530
  • Support pattern matching for method names in ControlFlowPointcut #31435
  • Review reachability metadata contributions after GraalVM changes #31213
  • handleEmptyBody of RequestBodyAdvice should apply also when content-type is not set #30522

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes

  • Regression with @EnableJpaAuditing using Spring Boot 3.2-RC2 in native image #31575
  • Retrieving the response body as a List of POJOs fails with RestClient but passes with WebTestClient #31574
  • ExecutorLifecycleDelegate should call ExecutorService.isTerminated() in ?.isRunning() #31549
  • RestTemplate POST to endpoint using Digest Auth no longer works in 6.1 #31516
  • Code generation for constructor arguments must cast null indexed argument value #31508
  • \n in form model when using Jetty 12 client and multipart/form-data #31361
  • Add status handler to recognize unknown status codes outside of 4xx/5? #31202

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Documentation

  • Document how to log @Sql scripts and statements #31589
  • Link to KDoc API documentation from Javadoc overview #31587
  • Fix link in Javadoc of ConfigurableMockMvcBuilder #31542
  • Add note about @[Enabled|Disabled]InNativeImage in reference manual #31438
  • Document @DisabledInAotMode in the reference manual #31437
  • Document @Sql class-level execution phase support in the reference manual #31377
  • Document that Micrometer's "error" tag should be preferred vs. legacy "exception" tag #31514

:hammer: Dependency Upgrades

  • Upgrade to Context Propagation 1.1.0 #31599
  • Upgrade to Kotlin 1.9.20 #31539
  • Upgrade to Micrometer 1.12.0 #31556
  • Upgrade to Reactor 2023.0.0 #31557

:heart: Contributors

Thank you to all the contributors who worked on this release:

@Young-Zen, @duesenklipper, @izeye, @k-seth, and @wakingrufus


Nov. 16, 2023, 2:54 p.m.
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