Spring Framework - v6.0.1

:star: New Features

  • Make SourceHttpMessageConverter optional #29535
  • Deprecate LocalVariableTableParameterNameDiscoverer completely (avoiding its exposure in native images) #29531
  • Make GeneratorStrategy.generate unreachable on native #29521
  • Update LogAdapter to allow build-time code removal #29506

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes

  • Unhandled exceptions should mark Servlet observation outcome as error #29512

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Documentation

  • Broken link in documentation section 6.10 #29554
  • Fix Javadoc link text in BindingResult #29551
  • Fix some typos in Kotlin WebClient example code #29538
  • Fix link to Bean Utils Light Library in BeanUtils Javadoc #29534
  • Fix link to WebFlux section in reference manual #29525
  • Document RuntimeHints testing strategies #29523
  • Reorganize and modularize the Testing chapter in the reference manual #29522
  • Document switch to SQLExceptionSubclassTranslator in the upgrade guide #29518
  • Update documentation to mention Java 17+ baseline #29514
  • Link to Spring WebFlux section is broken #29513
  • Update javadoc of Jackson-based decoders to reflect 2.14 baseline #29508
  • Code example has callout from a different code example #29505
  • Code listing callouts are displayed incorrectly in core-beans.adoc #29457
  • Fix a syntax error in an XML listing in core-validation.adoc #29456

:hammer: Dependency Upgrades

  • Upgrade to Jackson 2.14.1 #29539
  • Upgrade to Kotlin 1.7.21 #29543

:heart: Contributors

Thank you to all the contributors who worked on this release:

@Encyclopedias, @andregasser, @davidcostanzo, @divcon, @jiangying000, @mdeinum, and @wilkinsona


Nov. 23, 2022, 10:35 a.m.
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