Spin - v2.3.0

Spin 2.3.0

The 2.3.0 release of Spin brings a number of features, improvements and bug fixes.

Some highlights in 2.3.0 at a glance:

  • Runtime upgraded to Wasmtime 18
  • Multi-trigger improvements:
  • spin add can now add components with different trigger types (https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2269)
  • Better handling of trigger-specific flags in spin up (https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2266)
  • spin registry login now supports Azure Container Registry

As always, thanks to contributors old and new for helping improve Spin on a daily basis! 🎉

Verifying the Release Signature

After downloading the 2.3.0 release of Spin, either via the artifact attached to this release corresponding to your OS/architecture combination or via the installation method of your choice, you are ready to verify the release signature.

First, install cosign. This is the tool we'll use to perform signature verification. Then run the following command:

cosign verify-blob \
    --signature spin.sig --certificate crt.pem \
    --certificate-identity https://github.com/fermyon/spin/.github/workflows/release.yml@refs/tags/v2.3.0 \
    --certificate-oidc-issuer https://token.actions.githubusercontent.com \
    --certificate-github-workflow-sha ee6706c8df54243c0689e648548217d142ff037a \
    --certificate-github-workflow-repository fermyon/spin \

If the verification passed, you should see:

Verified OK

What's Changed

  • chore(*): post-2.2.0 release bumps by @vdice in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2264
  • Move wasi-http integration tests over to new testing framework by @rylev in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2247
  • Enable spin add to add different trigger types by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2269
  • Rename spin-redis-engine -> spin-trigger-redis by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2271
  • Fix test components build by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2272
  • Multi-trigger: ask triggers which flags they can accept by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2266
  • update spin-timer deps by @dicej in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2273
  • tests: Migrate wagi test to integration test suite by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2274
  • update python tests to use componentize-py template by @karthik2804 in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2275
  • Update template to use PHP 8.2 by @technosophos in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2276
  • Make sure runtime tests run in CI by @rylev in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2268
  • Migrate spin inbound-http test to integration test suite by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2277
  • In process runtime tests by @rylev in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2281
  • unify WIT files by @dicej in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2283
  • Upgrade wasmtime to 17.0.1 by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2288
  • move Rust and Go SDKs to their own repos by @dicej in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2289
  • Upgrade to wasmtime 18 by @rylev in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2291
  • update plugin install prompt to deal with line wrapping by @karthik2804 in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2295
  • Put back the test-crate make target by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2297
  • Bring spin-componentize in tree by @rylev in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2294
  • fix(manifest): support kebab case labels by @kate-goldenring in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2300
  • chore(release): Spin v2.3 version bumps by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2302
  • [Backport v2.3] feat(oci): update dkregistry dep to support ACR login by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/2310

Full Changelog: https://github.com/fermyon/spin/compare/v2.2.0...v2.3.0


March 1, 2024, 2:10 p.m.
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