Spin - v0.8.0

This is the v0.8.0 release of Spin and it brings a number of features, improvements and bug fixes.

This release also contains groundwork for some larger initiatives, such as OCI support and supply chain security. If curious about the vision for these and other efforts, check out the SIP (Spin Improvement Proposal) directory. Perhaps it will spark an idea for a SIP of your own!

Some highlights in v0.8.0 at a glance:

As always, thanks to contributors old and new for helping improve Spin on a daily basis! πŸŽ‰

What's Changed

  • feat: add aliases for plugin and templates subcommands for plurality by @raymundovr in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/994
  • feat(templates): update sdk to v0.7.1 by @github-actions in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/996
  • ci: add codecov by @FrankYang0529 in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/866
  • Enable TLS for outbound Redis by @radu-matei in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/999
  • Add empty allowed_http_hosts to code templates by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1007
  • ci(build.yml): only upload to codecov if fermyon org by @vdice in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1008
  • chore: Fix some rustdoc lints by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1015
  • ci: Trigger rust-docs update on release or main merge by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1018
  • Support new static-fileserver apps by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1019
  • feat: Add TLS connection support for outbound PG by @etehtsea in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1003
  • integration: Fix running on systems with sparse /bin by @endocrimes in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1029
  • chore(docs): remove static dir and npm by @vdice in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1027
  • ref(tests): update headers-env-routes-test to use the SDK by @vdice in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1034
  • Add SIP for distributing Spin applications using OCI registries by @radu-matei in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1033
  • build(deps): bump tokio from 1.21.2 to 1.23.1 by @dependabot in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1028
  • Add cargo vet for auditing dependencies and SIP by @radu-matei in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1023
  • Simplify presentation of "application exceeds max size" error by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/821
  • fix(audits.yml): add missing 'jobs:' entry by @vdice in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1041
  • build(deps): bump bumpalo from 3.11.0 to 3.12.0 by @dependabot in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1039
  • build(deps): bump libgit2-sys from 0.13.4+1.4.2 to 0.13.5+1.4.5 by @dependabot in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1040
  • Change spin plugin command to spin plugins retaining singular as an alias by @kate-goldenring in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1043
  • Trigger plugins by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1036
  • ci(audits.yml): only run for the fermyon origin repo by @vdice in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1058
  • Update toml dependency to 0.6 by @cardoso in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1052
  • Fix reserved name causing new Rust app to not build by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1060
  • go: Fix SDK HTTP response malloc by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1047
  • Run code coverage only on a schedule by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1066
  • Skip flake when running under code coverage by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1063
  • Pin Rust version in GitHub actions by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1068
  • Fix WASI target install for pinned Rust by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1070
  • spin templates list: if empty, offer to install by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1062
  • fix(#1076): improve handling of missing plugin directory by @fibonacci1729 in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1077
  • Provide MSRV in Rust SDK by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1071
  • update Github actions dependencies by @rajatjindal in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1080
  • Show common trigger options on spin up --help by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1081
  • Support SSL/TLS in outbound-mysql by @calebschoepp in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1079
  • Add prototype for distributing Spin applications using OCI by @radu-matei in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1014
  • chore(*): v0.8.0 version bumps by @vdice in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1092

New Contributors

  • @cardoso made their first contribution in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1052

Full Changelog: https://github.com/fermyon/spin/compare/v0.7.1...v0.8.0


Jan. 31, 2023, 11:59 p.m.
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