Spin - v0.10.0

Spin v0.10.0

The following outlines some updates from the Spin v0.10.0 release.

Some highlights in v0.10.0 at a glance:
- We've made it easier for you to find application logs by default. As of v0.10.0 onwards, a user running an app locally will see that logs are now stored in the same directory as the spin.toml file. Whereas, a user running an app from a registry will see that logs are no longer stored (by default) but instead streamed to stdout (which you can override this using the --quiet and --follow flags). For both local and remote apps, you can save logs to a specific location using the --log-dir. See the spin up CLI for more information.
- A Bindle related deprecation message has been added to commands and options that currently interact with Bindle i.e. spin bindle push, spin bindle run, spin up -b (--bindle, --bindle-password, --bindle-server, --bindle-username).
- The outbound HTTP feature now traces both successful and failed requests to improve feedback to the calling code.
- The updated -f option (and additional equivalent --from option) combines the old -f/--file and --from-registry. After v0.10.0, the -f/--from can infer a spin.toml file, a directory containing a spin.toml file, or a remote registry reference. If -f/--from is omitted, it defaults to spin.toml. Also, please note, if Spin interprets the source incorrectly, please either use the --from-file or --from-registry options to clarify.

As always, thanks to contributors old and new for helping improve Spin on a daily basis! 🎉

What's Changed

  • feat(templates): update sdk to v0.9.0 by @github-actions in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1172
  • fix(cli.rs): fix typo by @vdice in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1171
  • ci(build.yml): rm e2e-tests concurrency config by @vdice in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1167
  • Split spin-publish into spin-bindle and spin-oci by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1166
  • outbound-http: Enable gzip compression by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1177
  • fix dependencies for code coverage build by @rajatjindal in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1180
  • Remove deprecated --follow-all option by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1185
  • Show top level login and deploy commands in help by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1184
  • Rename spin_version to spin_manifest_version in Spin.toml by @kate-goldenring in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1169
  • Simpler error when command neither recognised nor plugin by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1189
  • ref(Dockerfiles): go/tinygo bumps per latest 0.9.0 go templates/SDK by @vdice in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1153
  • Fix duplicate package warnings by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1192
  • allow running e2e tests with aarch64 by @rajatjindal in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1174
  • add e2e tests for redis trigger by @rajatjindal in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1162
  • Mostly flagless app source by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1179
  • add SIP 011 - Component versioning by @dicej in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1048
  • add CachingStoreManager to KV component and use it by default by @dicej in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1195
  • remove Clone derive for Store in the Rust SDK by @dicej in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1200
  • make go kv example same as rust by @rajatjindal in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1197
  • chore: Use clap group for spin up source flags by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1203
  • Trace outbound request by @radu-matei in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1199
  • support explicit capacity limits for KV by @dicej in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1204
  • add some more documentation for e2e-tests by @rajatjindal in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1194
  • Reorganize spin-loader cache code by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1212
  • Print deprecation message on Bindle features by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1208
  • cleanup of integration tests and more e2e tests by @rajatjindal in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1202
  • export SDK version and language functions per SIP 011 by @dicej in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1209
  • More OCI refactoring by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1213
  • Add a log statement to tell the user to look at the logs if readiness is not achieved by @calebschoepp in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1216
  • ref(up): update default log dir by @adamreese in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1196
  • Update to version 0.10.0 release by @tpmccallum in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1220

Full Changelog: https://github.com/fermyon/spin/compare/v0.9.0...v0.10.0


March 3, 2023, 11:59 a.m.
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