Spin - v1.1.0

Spin v1.1.0

Cheers to newest Spin release! Spin v1.1.0 brings improvements to the developer experience through a new spin watch command,
the ability to configure the Spin key/value store, new HTTP routers for Rust and Go, bug fixes and more!

We are always excited to see and welcome new and old contributors! Thank you so much for spending time and energy here. We whole heartedly appreciate the work you do to continually improve Spin! 💙

What's Changed

  • docs: Add branch creation to release process by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1256
  • fix(examples): Use the same url for kv in tinygo and rust by @adamreese in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1265
  • fix: Absolutize direct mounts by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1270
  • feat(deploy): Add deploy flags to seed key/values by @adamreese in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1266
  • Add SIP for signing Spin releases by @radu-matei in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1217
  • ci: Add backport workflow by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1275
  • Backport script by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1280
  • Update runtime config system and add spin up --state-dir flag by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1245
  • fix(cli): Rename --key-values to --key-value on deploy command by @adamreese in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1295
  • Unbindle the up command and app manifest by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1283
  • fix wagi redirect status code by @rajatjindal in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1274
  • chore(cli): rm bindle commands by @michelleN in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1287
  • http: add spin-client-addr header by @psarna in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1298
  • feat(templates): update sdk to v1.0.0-rc.2 by @github-actions in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1304
  • chore(release.yml): bump delete-tag-and-release action version by @vdice in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1306
  • fix typo in error message /cannnot/cannot/ by @adamreese in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1308
  • docs(release-process.md): updates by @vdice in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1307
  • feat(templates): update sdk to v1.0.0 by @github-actions in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1316
  • chore(spin): bump versions for next anticipated release by @fibonacci1729 in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1315
  • chore(release-process.md): add make build to version bumps step by @fibonacci1729 in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1319
  • Typed metadata by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1313
  • Add logo dark mode version by @nucliweb in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1323
  • chore(docs): bump spin version by @fibonacci1729 in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1324
  • Add spin watch command by @calebschoepp in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1237
  • implement component support by @dicej in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1321
  • update release.yml so it can build spin-componentize by @dicej in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1329
  • remove "early preview" caveat from README.md by @dicej in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1330
  • Regenerate cargo vet exemptions by @radu-matei in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1328
  • fix spin-timer example and add a test so it stays fixed by @dicej in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1331
  • ref(wagi): move shareable WAGI code into spin-http by @fibonacci1729 in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1332
  • update Cargo.toml rust-version to 1.67 by @dicej in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1334
  • Add KV to list of interfaces to provide SDK version warning by @itowlson in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1338
  • ref(sdk): use the macro the generate bindings by @fibonacci1729 in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1348
  • Updating static-fileserver template to use 0.0.2 by @mikkelhegn in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1343
  • chore: add tools directory and include modsurfer by @nilslice in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1190
  • feat(sdk): add HTTP router for Rust SDK by @fibonacci1729 in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1339
  • chore(code-coverage.yml): disable cron trigger by @vdice in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1354
  • sip: Add runtime config section to Key-Value SIP by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1352
  • Show error source list when printing handler error by @rylev in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1358
  • Remove unused 'namespace' field from ApplicationInformation by @rylev in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1357
  • Add simple Go router based on github.com/julienschmidt/httprouter by @radu-matei in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1342
  • Don't assume that the error can be dereferenced by @rylev in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1363
  • add spin sdk based http client by @rajatjindal in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1361
  • fix trap-on-error for file I/O by @dicej in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1353
  • Improve spin watch by @calebschoepp in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1341
  • feat(kv): add redis backed KV host component by @fibonacci1729 in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1365
  • Add key value store runtime configuration by @lann in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1360
  • update spin-componentize to address spin-fileserver issues by @dicej in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1374
  • Add key-value redis runtime config by @fibonacci1729 in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1375
  • Add default HTTP client compatible with Spin SDK by @radu-matei in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1369
  • chore(deps): bump h2 from 0.3.16 to 0.3.17 by @dependabot in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1377
  • updating versions to 1.1.0 for release by @michelleN in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1379
  • fix(kv): print kv store config by @fibonacci1729 in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1384
  • Revert "updating versions to 1.1.0 for release" by @michelleN in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1386
  • bump versions to 1.1.0 by @michelleN in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1387

New Contributors

  • @psarna made their first contribution in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1298
  • @nucliweb made their first contribution in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1323
  • @nilslice made their first contribution in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1190
  • @rylev made their first contribution in https://github.com/fermyon/spin/pull/1358

Full Changelog: https://github.com/fermyon/spin/compare/v1.0.0...v1.1.0


April 14, 2023, 8:40 p.m.
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