Sentry - 24.3.0

Various fixes & improvements

  • ref(rules): Translate int minutes to words (#67021) by @ceorourke
  • fix(rate_limits): Remove special rate limits for group_index (#66730) by @volokluev
  • fix(replays): Drop and log click events with negative node-ids (#66993) by @cmanallen
  • ref: fix typing in sentry.testutils.factories (#67046) by @asottile-sentry
  • fix(discord): Add more unactionable status codes to ignore from slo (#66903) by @17hogeju
  • fix(hybridcloud) Deliver payloads concurrently (#66870) by @markstory
  • fix(tests): skip flaky test (#67047) by @scefali
  • ref(escalating): Remove TODOs from forecast task (#66889) by @jangjodi
  • feat(replays): move full replay button (#67014) by @scefali
  • fix(webvitals): drop fid column from page overview samples table (#66998) by @edwardgou-sentry
  • ref: remove unused strip_toplevel from safe_extract_zip (#67011) by @asottile-sentry
  • chore(hybridcloud) Remove outbox based webhooks (#66158) by @markstory
  • chore(processing) remove unused settings (#66967) by @markstory
  • feat(metric-stats): Add metric_stats generic metrics namespace (#66955) by @Dav1dde
  • feat(metrics): Add React Native onboarding (#66960) by @krystofwoldrich
  • feat(metrics): Add metrics onboarding for Android and Java (#67033) by @markushi
  • perf: add tracing to nodestore (#67002) by @anonrig
  • ref(projconfig): Fix typo in instrumentation in span op (#67035) by @iker-barriocanal
  • fix: disallow inviting Admin user if team-level roles are enabled (#66836) by @oioki
  • ref(projconfigs): Add more instrumentation (#66957) by @iker-barriocanal
  • feat(ddm): Add custom_metrics_access organization flag (#66953) by @iambriccardo
  • chore(ddm): add sidebar item flag (#66951) by @obostjancic
  • fix(issue-priority): Remove box shadow from priority dropdown (#67031) by @malwilley
  • ref(replay/issues): link full replay to errors tab from rage click issue (#67030) by @michellewzhang

Plus 1307 more


March 15, 2024, 8:53 p.m.
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