Sentry - 22.3.0

Various fixes & improvements

  • feat(perf): Add MEP param to other landing requests (#32575) by @k-fish
  • feat(devenv): set sentry SDK default off if dsn not provided and relay off (#32569) by @JoshFerge
  • ref(dam): Use cols and aggregates (#32441) by @shruthilayaj
  • feat(mep): Introduce p100 to the metric query builder (#32570) by @wmak
  • feat(mep): Introduce the count_web_vitals functions to metrics (#32507) by @wmak
  • ref(sdk): Move back to 5000ms idleTimeout (#32564) by @k-fish
  • feat(dashboards): Widget Viewer beta badge and style (#32588) by @edwardgou-sentry
  • chore: Add team-web-backend as CODEOWNERS of SDK (#32033) by @sl0thentr0py
  • ref(ui): Improve uage of BookmarkStar (#32553) by @evanpurkhiser
  • test(js): Convert organizationGroupDetails/action to RTL (#32598) by @evanpurkhiser
  • chore(deps): bump pillow from 8.3.2 to 9.0.1 (#32552) by @dependabot
  • chore(js): Upgrade babel from 7.15 -> 7.17 (#32016) by @evanpurkhiser
  • feat(onboarding): Add onboarding welcome page experiment (#31733) by @scefali
  • feat(codeowners): Decode base64 CODEOWNERS contents to utf-8 (#32582) by @NisanthanNanthakumar
  • fix(projects): Use subText for project issues table's heading (#32597) by @vuluongj20
  • fix(projects): Use subText for project card's score title (#32595) by @vuluongj20
  • fix(ui): fixed size of open in issues button (#32573) by @robinrendle
  • fix(ui): copy of alert details chart (#32587) by @robinrendle
  • ref(ui): Make small UI changes to Button component (#31903) by @vuluongj20
  • ref(page-filters): Add alignDropdown prop to environment selector (#32461) by @vuluongj20
  • fix(tests): Another attempt to reduce flakiness of event frequency tests (#32580) by @wedamija
  • fix(dashboards): Don't display edit button in Widget Viewer for prebuilt dashboards (#32567) by @edwardgou-sentry
  • fix(design): Fix code css definition (#32589) by @dashed
  • fix(discover): Add to Dashboard test from a Discover Query (#32577) by @edwardgou-sentry

Plus 605 more


March 15, 2022, 9:45 p.m.
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