Sentry - 24.1.1

Various fixes & improvements

  • feat(issue-details): Add URL and breadcrumbs sidebar to issue replay when in fullscreen mode (#63920) by @malwilley
  • ref(open-pr-comments): include affected users in javascript comments (#63909) by @cathteng
  • fix(ai-ml): Fix ai feature PII check for isStaff users (#63958) by @jennmueng
  • fix(self-hosted): Try dynamically setting CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS (#63908) by @hubertdeng123
  • fix(ai-autofix): Fix ai autofix release lookup (#63926) by @jennmueng
  • fix(feedback): update comments signal tooltip (#63953) by @michellewzhang
  • ref(feedback): expand sentryAppIssues instead of endpoint call (#63952) by @michellewzhang
  • chore(api): Remove mocks from API helper invite tests (#63892) by @leeandher
  • fix(perf): Generate instrumentation gap spans before spans groups (#63531) by @gggritso
  • ref(api): Delete unnecessary start_transaction call in (#63948) by @szokeasaurusrex
  • feat(sdks): update js sdk to 7.98.0 (#63891) by @edwardgou-sentry
  • ref/tests(metrics_extraction): Reduce changes when adjusting spec versions (#63947) by @armenzg
  • fix(hybridcloud) Use record deletion to clear delivered outbox (#63890) by @markstory
  • feat(replay): Allow clicking on the circles in the replay timeline (#63887) by @ryan953
  • feat(feedback): Add comments icon to feedback list items (#63903) by @ryan953
  • fix(feedback): Only show URL when crash reports have a value, or its a feedback from the widget (#63901) by @ryan953
  • ref(ddm): replace types with interfaces (#63944) by @obostjancic
  • chore(cardinality): Add cardinality limiter mode option (#63942) by @Dav1dde
  • feat(issues/feedback): allow sentryAppIssues to be expanded (#63905) by @michellewzhang
  • chore(spans): Option for span usage metric (#63934) by @jjbayer
  • ref(ddm): Split utils (#63933) by @ArthurKnaus
  • ref(ddm): Adapt metadata to new folder structure (#63938) by @iambriccardo
  • fix(ddm): useNewMetricsLayer param (#63937) by @obostjancic
  • ref(ddm): Rename the files for metrics metadata (#63931) by @iambriccardo

Plus 517 more


Jan. 26, 2024, 7 p.m.
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