Sentry - 23.5.1

Issue States and Filters (ongoing)

By: @scttcper (#49578, #49157)

JS Project Cleanup (ongoing)

By: @scttcper (#49381, #49255, #49210, #49159)

Various fixes & improvements

  • fix(hc): Change integration search endpoint to control silo (#49589) by @RyanSkonnord
  • fix(starfish): Zerofill round up (#49598) by @shruthilayaj
  • feat(starfish): Update endpoint overview to be consistent (#49607) by @shruthilayaj
  • ref(performance): Move metrics histogram outlier filtering (#48731) by @mjq-sentry
  • feat(starfish): Add top endpoints chart to web service view (#49603) by @shruthilayaj
  • feat(starfish): Fix span summary chart styling (#49463) by @0Calories
  • feat(starfish): Updated WSV span group chart (#49499) by @shruthilayaj
  • ref(perf): Mark long-task with sentry-tracing-init (#49481) by @k-fish
  • chore(profiling): Add flags for more profiling features (#49461) by @Zylphrex
  • feat(starfish): Switch top graph to p50 (#49510) by @wmak
  • feat(starfish): adds synchronized axis markers to starfish charts (#49504) by @edwardgou-sentry
  • deps: bump profiling to alpha.6 (#49127) by @JonasBa
  • feat(create-project): Add framework selection modal tests (#49305) by @priscilawebdev
  • chore(discover-transactions-cell-action): Removed go to summary cell … (#49406) by @Abdkhan14
  • Add index on sentry_monitorchecking.date_added to avoid seq scans during cleanup (#49310) by @beezz
  • Add a utility to query the memory usage percentage of a configured redis cluster (#49459) by @Swatinem
  • ref(createProject): convert test from jsx to tsx (#49304) by @priscilawebdev
  • ref(project-creation): Convert overview from class to func (#49303) by @priscilawebdev
  • feat(project-creation): Add framework selection modal (#49300) by @priscilawebdev
  • chore(js): Use FormFieldProps vs FormField['props'] (#49591) by @evanpurkhiser
  • feat(hybrid-cloud): Update api invite helper (#48829) by @dashed
  • chore(js): Convert Form to a FC (#49525) by @evanpurkhiser
  • ref(js): Convert SentryAppExternalIssueForm for a FC (#49581) by @evanpurkhiser
  • feat(issue-states): auto transition new and regressed issues to ongoing (#49522) by @barkbarkimashark

Plus 306 more


May 23, 2023, 6:01 p.m.
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