Prometheus Operator - v0.70.0

  • [CHANGE] Use camelCase on scrapeConfig in prometheus job names. #6124
  • [CHANGE] Update field names for ConsulSD configs. #6094
  • [FEATURE] Add trackTimestampsStaleness field to ServiceMonitor, PodMonitor and ScrapeConfig CRDs. #6105
  • [FEATURE] Add persistentVolumeClaimRetentionPolicy field to the Prometheus and PrometheusAgent CRDs. #6038
  • [FEATURE] Support service,pod,endpoints,endpointslice,ingress roles to KubernetesSDConfigs in ScrapeConfig CRD. #6089
  • [FEATURE] Add support for Azure SD and GCE SD in ScrapeConfig CRD. #6078 #6009
  • [FEATURE] Add azure AD oauth support to remote write. #6037
  • [FEATURE] Add .spec.reloadStrategy to the Prometheus and PrometheusAgent CRDs. The value can be HTTP (default if not specified) or ProcessSignal. #5690
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Expose flag to enable the reloader probes in the jsonnet configuration. #6075
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Reduce memory usage for clusters with large number of secrets and/or configmaps. #5993
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Config reloader now sends all logs to os.Stdout. #6085
  • [BUGFIX] Remove verbose logging in admission-webhook pods. #6095
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed HTTP scheme value in the Consul SD configurations. #6098
  • [BUGFIX] Skip adding shard relabel rules if they were already set in additionalScrapeConfigs. #6099
  • [BUGFIX] Fix nil pointer exception when title and text are not set in MS Teams config. #6109


Nov. 30, 2023, 3:41 p.m.
0.70.0 / 2023-11-30
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