Prometheus Operator - v0.61.0

  • [CHANGE] Updated RuleGroup description and add validation for the CRD. #5072
  • [CHANGE] Removed validations in the operator that are already covered at the CRD level. #5108
  • [CHANGE] jsonnet: Enforced existence of the TLS secret for the admission webhook deployment. #5112
  • [CHANGE] jsonnet: Changed default port of the admission webhook service from 8443 to 443. #5112
  • [CHANGE] Added a filter for non-running pods in the ServiceMonitor CRD. #5149
  • [FEATURE] Added spec.attachMetadata.node in the ServiceMonitor CRD. #5147
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Updated ProbeTLSConfig and SafeTLSConfig description. #5081
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Updated admission webhook deployment's jsonnet to avoid down-time on updates. #5099
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added the filterExternalLabels field to the remote read configuration of the Prometheus CRD. #5142
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added enableHttp2 field to AlertingEndpoints #5152
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Updated ThanosRuler arguments (QueryConfig, AlertManagerConfig, ObjectStorageConfig and TracingConfig) to be directly read from secrets instead of using ENV vars. #5122
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add alertmanagerConfigMatcherStrategy to Alertmanager CRD in order to disable auto-generated namespace matchers. #5084
  • [BUGFIX] Ignore PartialResponseStrategy in the Prometheus CRD. This field is only applicable for the Thanos Ruler. #5125


Nov. 21, 2022, 4:11 p.m.
0.61.0 / 2022-11-16
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