Moby - v25.0.3


For a full list of pull requests and changes in this release, refer to the relevant GitHub milestones:

What's Changed

  • [25.0 backport] pkg/ioutils: Make subsequent Close attempts noop
  • [25.0 backport] Fix HasResource inverted boolean error - vendor swarmkit v2.0.0-20240125134710-dcda100a8261
  • [25.0 backport] gha: update actions to account for node 16 deprecation
  • [25.0 backport] docs: remove dead links from api verison history
  • [25.0 backport] Assert temp output directory is not an empty string
  • [25.0 backport] api: Document version in /build
  • [25.0 backport] De-flake TestSwarmClusterRotateUnlockKey
  • [25.0 backport] Add internal n/w bridge to firewalld docker zone
  • [25.0 backport] Only restore a configured MAC addr on restart.
  • [25.0 backport] Revert "daemon: automatically set network EnableIPv6 if needed"
  • [25.0 backport] libnet: bridge: ignore EINVAL when configuring bridge MTU
  • [25.0 backport] logger/journald: fix tailing logs with systemd 255
  • [25.0 backport] add more //go:build directives to prevent downgrading to go1.16 language
  • [25.0 backport] libcontainerd/supervisor: fix data race
  • [25.0 backport] plugins: Fix panic when fetching by digest
  • [25.0 backport] Dockerfile: update docker-cli to v25.0.2, docker compose v2.24.5
  • [25.0 backport] image/save: Fix untagged images not present in index.json
  • [25.0 backport] Dockerfile: update RootlessKit to v2.0.1
  • [25.0 backport] image/cache: Ignore Build and Revision on Windows
  • [25.0 backport] profiles/seccomp: add syscalls for kernel v5.17 - v6.6, match containerd's profile
  • [25.0 backport] c8d: Use the same logic to get the present images

Full Changelog:


Feb. 7, 2024, 12:41 a.m.
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