Moby - v24.0.7


For a full list of pull requests and changes in this release, refer to the relevant GitHub milestones:

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Write overlay2 layer metadata atomically. moby/moby#46703
  • Fix "Rootful-in-Rootless" Docker-in-Docker on systemd version 250 and later. moby/moby#46626
  • Fix when username contains a backslash. moby/moby#46407
  • Fix a bug that would prevent network sandboxes to be fully deleted when stopping containers with no network attachments and when dockerd --bridge=none is used. moby/moby#46702
  • Fix a bug where cancelling an API request could interrupt container restart. moby/moby#46697
  • Fix an issue where containers would fail to start when providing --ip-range with a range larger than the subnet. docker/for-mac#6870
  • Fix data corruption with zstd output. moby/moby#46709
  • Fix the conditions under which the container's MAC address is applied. moby/moby#46478
  • Improve the performance of the stats collector. moby/moby#46448
  • Fix an issue with source policy rules ending up in the wrong order. moby/moby#46441

Packaging updates



Oct. 27, 2023, 11:45 a.m.
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