Longhorn - v1.6.0


Longhorn v1.6.0 Release Notes

This latest version of Longhorn introduces several features, enhancements, and bug fixes that are intended to improve system quality and the overall user experience. Highlights include new V2 Data Engine features, platform-agnostic deployment, node maintenance, and improvements to stability, performance, and resilience.

The Longhorn team appreciates your contributions and anticipates receiving feedback regarding this release.

For more information about release-related terminology, see Releases.

Primary Highlights

New V2 Data Engine Features

Although the V2 Data Engine is still considered a preview feature in this release, the core functions have been significantly enhanced. For example, you can now seamlessly perform volume backup and restore operations between the V1 and V2 Data Engines, paving the way for volume migration between the two data engines in the future.

The Longhorn team will continue to develop features for the V1 Data Engine and to prepare the V2 Data Engine for use in all types of environments.

Platform-Agnostic Deployment

Longhorn is designed to seamlessly operate on general-purpose Linux distributions, and on certain container-optimized systems such as SLE Micro. In response to numerous requests, v1.6.0 was enhanced to allow installation of Longhorn components on Talos, which is a secure, immutable, and minimal Kubernetes OS. v1.6.0 also includes OKD support, which was contributed by community member @ArthurVardevanyan.

The Longhorn team is committed to making Longhorn an adaptive storage solution and anticipates receiving feedback regarding your preferred platforms.

Space Efficiency

Starting with v1.6.0, Longhorn allows you to configure the maximum snapshot count and the maximum aggregate snapshot size for all volumes and for specific volumes. Both settings, whether applied globally or individually, aid in space estimation and management. Earlier Longhorn versions do not provide mechanisms for controlling or predicting the quantity and size of volume snapshots.

GitOps Friendly

Longhorn has been validated with popular GitOps solutions, including Flux, Argo CD, and Fleet. Future releases will include enhancements that further solidify Longhorn's status as a GitOps-aware storage solution.

Data Protection

Longhorn now supports block volume encryption, which is particularly beneficial in virtualization use cases such as Harvester and KubeVirt.

Node Maintenance

v1.6.0 includes two new node drain policy options: Block For Eviction and Block For Eviction If Contains Last Replica. Both options allow automatic eviction and relocation of healthy replicas from draining nodes (before the nodes are cordoned).

The Longhorn team recommends enabling these options only during planned maintenance to minimize impact on data movement. For more information about the advantages and disavantages of all options, see Node Drain Policy Recommendations in the Longhorn documentation.

Backing Image Management

Longhorn now allows you to create and restore backups of backing images, which can streamline the management of backing images across clusters. This feature is particularly beneficial in virtualization use cases such as Harvester and KubeVirt.


Ensure that your cluster is running Kubernetes v1.21 or later before installing Longhorn v1.6.0.

You can install Longhorn using a variety of tools, including Rancher, Kubectl, and Helm. For more information about installation methods and requirements, see Quick Installation in the Longhorn documentation.


Ensure that your cluster is running Kubernetes v1.21 or later before upgrading from Longhorn v1.5.x to v1.6.0.

Longhorn only allows upgrades from supported versions. For more information about upgrade paths and procedures, see Upgrade in the Longhorn documentation.

Deprecation & Incompatibilities

For information about important changes, including feature incompatibility, deprecation, and removal, see Important Notes in the Longhorn documentation.

Post-Release Known Issues

For information about issues identified after this release, see Release-Known-Issues.

Resolved Issues


  • [FEATURE] Longhorn snapshot space management 6563 - @FrankYang0529 @yangchiu
  • [FEATURE] v2 data engine volume snapshot and revert 6137 - @shuo-wu @roger-ryao
  • [FEATURE] Support eventual danger zone setting update 7173 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [FEATURE] Engine upgrade enforcement 5842 - @yangchiu @mantissahz @c3y1huang
  • [FEATURE] Selective V2 Data Engine Activation 7015 - @derekbit @chriscchien @roger-ryao
  • [FEATURE] Have default priorityClass to prevent unexpected longhorn pods eviction 6528 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [FEATURE] v2 volume supports volume backup/restore 6138 - @yangchiu @derekbit
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Remove or Change Helm pre-upgrade hook to support ArgoCD 6415 - @mantissahz
  • [FEATURE] Restore BackingImage for BackupVolume in a new cluster 4165 - @ChanYiLin @roger-ryao
  • [FEATURE] Talos support 3161 - @yangchiu @c3y1huang
  • [FEATURE] Support v2 volume on ARM64 platform 6021 - @derekbit @chriscchien @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Add a new setting that allows Longhorn to evict replicas automatically when a node is drained 2238 - @ejweber @chriscchien
  • [FEATURE] Add linear dm device on the top of v2 volume 7357 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [FEATURE] Support Encryption for VolumeMode Block 4883 - @derekbit @roger-ryao
  • [TASK] Add install/upgrade longhorn by gitops (flux) pipeline 6343 - @yangchiu
  • [FEATURE] OKD/Openshift support 1831 - @mantissahz @ArthurVardevanyan @roger-ryao


  • [UI][FEATURE] Longhorn snapshot space management 7522 - @yangchiu @scures
  • [FEATURE] RWX volume supports different NFS version (4.2) and mount options 7638 - @james-munson
  • [FEATURE] Introduce upgradeVersionCheck to decide version upgrade enforcement 7539 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [FEATURE] v2 volume replica management 5420 - @DamiaSan
  • [FEATURE] Update nfs-genesha to 5.x for share manager 6000 - @james-munson @chriscchien
  • [FEATURE] Allow to set mount options for storageclass via values.yaml in helm chart 7351 - @ChanYiLin @chriscchien
  • [FEATURE] Flush on-the-fly IOs in the queue before snapshotting 5648 - @DamiaSan
  • [FEATURE] Update base image of Longhorn components to BCI 15.5 6206 - @nitendra-suse
  • [FEATURE] Customize MaxRecurringJobRetain 5713 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [FEATURE] Replica rebuild over SPDK 5216 - @shuo-wu @DamiaSan
  • [FEATURE] Allow kubectl drain to stop manually attached volumes 6978 - @ChanYiLin @chriscchien
  • [FEATURE] Single Node Disk affinity 3823 - @ejweber @roger-ryao
  • [FEATURE] Storage network support for Multus v4.0 thick-plugin 5048 - @c3y1huang @chriscchien
  • [FEATURE] Add disk status prometheus metrics 6858 - @c3y1huang @chriscchien
  • [FEATURE] Add a brand new/empty bdev with WriteOnly mode to the RAID1 bdev 5865 - @DamiaSan
  • [FEATURE] Add a script to identify the valid volumes to recover given s3 backup url and secret 1523 - @weizhe0422
  • [FEATURE] Pause IO when raid1 bdev snapshotting 5421 - @DamiaSan
  • [FEATURE] Change the replica selector behavior so that an absent selector is able to select nodes without a TAG 4826 - @ChanYiLin @roger-ryao
  • [FEATURE] Helm Chart make loglevel configurable 3655 - @mantissahz


  • [IMPROVEMENT] Use ensureFolderPath rather than ensureMount for checking folder path in CSI plugin 7784 - @derekbit @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Remove unused process manager connection in longhorn-manager 7783 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Revert RWX volume back to NFS v4.1 7741 - @yangchiu @james-munson
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Remove static sessionAffinity: ClientIP set in most services if not required 7399 - @yangchiu @ejweber
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Automatically remount read-only RWO volume to read-write 6386 - @ChanYiLin @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Only restarts pods with volumes in the unexpected Read-Only state 7728 - @ChanYiLin @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Volumes: metrics for snapshots include (size and type: system vs user) 5869 - @c3y1huang @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Have a clear message when reverting the parent of a volume-head snapshot for a v2 volume 7630 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Flooding error messages failed to sync setting for..... 7654 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Enhance the code quality in the instance-manager instance and disk gRPC server methods. 7628 - @derekbit
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Increase the hugepage size for spdk_tgt to 2GiB 7606 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Reject DR volume creation for v2 volume 7627 - @derekbit @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Do not use --force for dmsetup remove command 7615 -
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Update nvme-cli to v2.7.1 in instance-manager pod 7609 - @derekbit
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Prevent from complains in spdk_tgt when deleting a v2 volume 7568 - @yangchiu @derekbit @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Expose actual size of a logical volume 5947 - @derekbit @shuo-wu @chriscchien @DamiaSan
  • [IMPROVEMENT] UI backup restoration supports v1 and v2 Data Engine 6597 - @derekbit @scures @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT][UI] Display v2 volume actual size 7524 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Recreate instance manager pod for v2 volume when spdk_tgt is dead 7551 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Add reserve storage percentage of nodes setting in helm chart 5958 - @mantissahz @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Reconcile engine/replica instance state of v2 volume like v1 volume 7326 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improve handling of 16TiB+ volumes with ext4 as the underlying file system 7423 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Rename backendStoreDriver to dataEngin in instance-manager and associated components 7480 - @yangchiu @derekbit
  • [IMPROVEMENT][UI] Validate volume creation according to the enabled data engines 7505 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Add guaranteed instanceManager CPU setting for v2 volume 7361 - @derekbit @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Support backup list if there is only v2-data-engine enabled 7486 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Upgrade CSI components to the latest patch release 7384 - @c3y1huang @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Add global setting for enable v1 or v2 volume support 7095 - @yangchiu @derekbit
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Blindly stop raid bdev exposure before exposing it for V2 volume 7324 - @yangchiu @derekbit @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] instance-managers for v1 and v2 volumes respectively 6984 - @yangchiu @derekbit
  • [IMPROVEMENT] BackingImage should be compressed when downloading and use the name as filename instead of UUID 7295 - @ChanYiLin @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Reject the creation of encrypted v2 volume in validating webhook 7404 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Longhorn-engine processes should refuse to serve requests not intended for them 5845 - @ejweber @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Collect v2 Data Engine related info for the usage metrics 6033 - @c3y1huang @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Review and simplify longhorn component image build 5911 - @ChanYiLin @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Gracefully shut down spdk_tgt 7263 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Reject the last replica deletion if its volume.spec.deletionTimestamp is not set 7372 - @yangchiu @derekbit
  • [IMPROVEMENT] add build script to generate gRPC related code more convenient 6973 - @Vicente-Cheng
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Upgrade support bundle kit version to v0.0.33 7277 - @c3y1huang
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Upgrade CSI sidecar components version 6916 - @c3y1huang @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Have a setting to disable snapshot purge for maintenance purpose 7075 - @ejweber @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Don't crash the migration engine when kubelet restarts 7302 - @ejweber @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] deploy: driver deployer shouldn't cleanup previous deployment if Kubernetes version changes 5474 - @PhanLe1010 @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Replace deprecated grpc.WithInsecure 7291 - @c3y1huang
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Allow deployment of Prometheus ServiceMonitor with the Longhorn helm chart 7041 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Disable CGO in longhorn components if not used 7135 - @derekbit
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Add test for longhorn-spdk-engine 6060 - @shuo-wu
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Thread-safe SPDK JSON client 6106 - @shuo-wu
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Bypass upgrade when installing a fresh setup 6988 - @mantissahz @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Upgrade support bundle kit version to v0.0.32 7152 - @c3y1huang @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Support custom options for network filesystems for backup 6608 - @james-munson @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Global setting default-data-path supports block device 7234 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Clean up backup target in IM-R pod if the backup target setting is unset 5741 - @ChanYiLin @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improve log level for resource update failure able to reconcile again 6843 - @PhanLe1010 @nitendra-suse
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Add missing volume settings to the default storage class 6496 - @james-munson
  • [IMPROVEMENT] High memory consumption of longhorn-manager pods since Longhorn v1.5 6936 - @derekbit @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Upgrade support bundle kit version to v0.0.29 6922 - @c3y1huang @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improve upgrade path and make it more solid 6294 - @PhanLe1010 @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Use nvme-cli in instance-manager pod instead 6798 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Add PVC namespace to longhorn_volume metrics 7077 - @mantissahz @roger-ryao @antoninferrand
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Don't log about inability to change settings that didn't change. 6812 - @james-munson @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Consolidate the mounts in longhorn-manager and instance-manager 5883 - @ChanYiLin
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Make the timeout value of a filesystem-based backup store configurable 5723 - @ChanYiLin
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Unify logs with extra static info like module/method/function/line 5509 - @ChanYiLin @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Prevent Volume Provision if Related Backing Image Stuck in Ready-For-Trasfer State 6615 - @ChanYiLin @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Remove dummy services of each CSI sidecar if not required 6581 - @ejweber @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Old kernel such as 3.10.0 set provisioning_mode to wrong value (writesame_16, disabled, full, ...) but not the correct value (unmap) so the trim feature doesn't work 6854 - @PhanLe1010 @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Support both NFS hard and soft with custom timeo and retrans options for RWX volumes 6655 - @derekbit @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Prevent unexpected engine creation 6682 - @PhanLe1010 @ejweber @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Add pvc name to longhorn_volume metrics 5297 - @c3y1huang @nitendra-suse
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Replace engineImage field in CRDs with image 6647 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Fix scheduling flooding logs 6019 - @ChanYiLin @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Avoid the accident deletion of longhorn settings 4984 - @ejweber @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] UI: making batch deletion dialog more readable 4080 - @smallteeths
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Upgrade Longhorn upgrade-responder server and build new Grafana dashboard 6368 - @PhanLe1010
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Consider adding owner reference Backup/BackupVolume CR 5896 - @ChanYiLin
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Include /var/log/messages during the support-bundle syslog collection 6544 - @c3y1huang @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] UI Volume detail page still shows Block Device when spec.disableFrontend is true 6167 - @smallteeths @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Remove Longhorn engine path mismatch log 3786 - @c3y1huang @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Provide more information for volume scheduling failure 6461 - @smallteeths @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Implement/fix the unit tests of Volume Attachment and volume controller 6005 - @PhanLe1010 @roger-ryao
  • [QUESTION] Repetitive warnings and errors in a new longhorn setup 6257 - @derekbit @c3y1huang @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Make environment check script recognize iscsid.socket enable instead of iscsid.server only 5380 - @derekbit @roger-ryao

Bug Fixes

  • [BUG] Volumes don't mount with mTLS enabled 7040 - @sfackler @derekbit @c3y1huang @ejweber @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Negative test case failed: Stop Volume Node Kubelet For More Than Pod Eviction Timeout While Workload Heavy Writing 7694 - @yangchiu @c3y1huang
  • [BUG] Rancher cannot import longhorn 1.5 charts due to "error converting YAML to JSON: yaml: line 699: did not find expected key" 7496 - @mantissahz @PhanLe1010
  • [BUG] Volume could not be remounted after engine process killed 7751 - @yangchiu @ChanYiLin @shuo-wu
  • [BUG][v1.6.0-rc2] rwx volume failed to execute trim filesystem 7768 - @c3y1huang @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Protect spdkClient in ReplicaCreate 7752 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [BUG] When disabling revision counter, salvaging a faulty volume not work as expected 7714 - @james-munson @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Chart v1.6.0-rc2 is not synced between longhorn/longhorn and longhorn/charts 7743 - @innobead @chriscchien
  • [BUG] v2 Engine does not show the rebuilding replica mode 7718 - @shuo-wu
  • [BUG] Volume rebuilding never succeed after the first rebuilding failed 7723 - @shuo-wu @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Backing Image Data Inconsistency if it's Exported from a Backing Image Backed Volume 6899 - @ChanYiLin @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Remove v2 volume rebuild snapshot could cause volume stuck in detaching/faulted state 7573 - @yangchiu @shuo-wu
  • [BUG] Incompatible engine image kept in "deploying" state on master-head 7683 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Updating Taint Toleration is allowed if there are volumes attached 7675 - @yangchiu @mantissahz
  • [BUG] After v2 volume offline rebuilding, re-attached volume remains degraded 7574 - @yangchiu @shuo-wu
  • [BUG] Update settings GuaranteedInstanceManagerCPU and V2DataEngineGuaranteedInstanceManagerCPU separately 7676 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Uninstallation job stuck forever if the MutatingWebhookConfigurations or ValidatingWebhookConfigurations already deleted 7657 - @PhanLe1010 @roger-ryao
  • [BUG][v1.6.0-rc1] Some Longhorn resources remaining after longhorn-uninstall job completed 7645 - @yangchiu @PhanLe1010
  • [BUG] Crypt device mapper of RWX volume with migratable=true is not cleaned up 7678 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [BUG] replica not rebuild in v1.6.0-dev if engine image is v1.4.x 7631 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Warning events are being spammed by Longhorn - CRD 7290 - @m-ildefons @roger-ryao
  • [BUG][v1.6.0-rc1] Error message in longhorn-uninstall job logs 7643 - @yangchiu @ChanYiLin
  • [BUG][v1.6.0-rc1] Failed to run instance-manager in storage network environment 7640 - @yangchiu @c3y1huang
  • [BUG] Volume with v1.5.x engine not worked well in v1.6.0-rc1 7642 - @FrankYang0529 @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Unable to list backups when backuptarget resource is picked up by a cordoned node 7619 - @derekbit @c3y1huang @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Update the description of v2-data-engine setting 7655 - @derekbit
  • [BUG] Deleting instance-manager during restoring a v2 volume, the volume stuck in detaching state 7581 - @derekbit @chriscchien @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Deleting instance-manager pod causes v2 volume stuck in attaching/detaching loop 7579 - @derekbit @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] After some v2 volume operations, v2 instance manager on a specific node somehow doesn't work 7608 - @yangchiu @derekbit
  • [BUG] Inconsistent behavior of snapshot list between v1 and v2 volume 7622 - @yangchiu @derekbit
  • [BUG] Fix and improve the offline rebuilding after introducing the SPDK snapshot feature 7596 - @shuo-wu @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Backup volume attachment tickets might not be cleaned up after completion. 6654 - @james-munson @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Correct the naming of v2 volume snapshot created after backup restoration 7577 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Randomly failed to create volume with backing image 7543 - @yangchiu @ChanYiLin
  • [BUG] v2 volume becomes faulted and detached after deleting one replica during full restoration 7597 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Creating volume randomly failed: failed to find a node that is ready and has the default engine image 7413 - @yangchiu @PhanLe1010
  • [BUG] Delete error backup could cause v2 volume stuck in detaching/faulted state 7575 - @derekbit @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Restore v2 volume stuck in detaching/faulted state if the backup is corrupted 7583 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [BUG] After upgrade to master-head, existing volume won't rebuild replica if one deleted, and the volume keeps healthy instead of degraded 7555 - @FrankYang0529 @yangchiu @derekbit
  • [BUG] Delete the backup during restoring a v2 volume from the backup, the restore volume will be detached and faulted 7584 - @derekbit
  • [BUG] Fix the failure of test_basic.py:: test_volume_scheduling_failure for v2 volumes 7570 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Fix using deprecated option of blockdev command in go-spdk-helper 7567 - @derekbit
  • [BUG] Delete kubernetes node did not remove node.longhorn.io 7475 - @ejweber @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Failed to check_volume_data after volume engine upgrade/migration 7396 - @PhanLe1010 @james-munson @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Failed RWX mount due to connection timeout still happening 7301 - @james-munson
  • [BUG] V2 volume is attached to a node first, the V1 volume will fails to attach. 7511 - @c3y1huang @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] v2 volume always displays engine upgrade available on UI 7489 - @scures
  • [BUG] Create volume(v1) faulted 7536 - @FrankYang0529 @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Persistent volume is not ready for workloads 6776 - @james-munson @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Unable to create snapshot: cannot get engine client because it isn't deployed 7438 - @yangchiu @PhanLe1010
  • [BUG] Deadlock for RWX volume if an error occurs in its share-manager pod 7183 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Volume conditions are not represented in the UI for v1.4.x and newer 7241 - @m-ildefons @chriscchien
  • [BUG] backingimage download server error 7288 - @scures @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] CSI components CrashLoopBackOff, failed to connect to unix://csi/csi.sock after cluster restart 7116 - @yangchiu @ejweber
  • [BUG] Kubelet cannot finish terminating a pod that uses a PVC with volumeMode: Block when restarting the node 6919 - @PhanLe1010 @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Test case test_node_default_disk_labeled failed 7385 - @derekbit @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Helm2 install error: 'lookup' function not defined in validate-psp-install.yaml 6318 - @innobead @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Client in go-spdk-helper is stuck after encountering IO timeout 7395 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [BUG] DataEngineV2 Unable to attach a PV to a pod in the newer kernel 7190 - @yangchiu @derekbit
  • [BUG] orphaned pod pod_id found, but error not a directory occurred when trying to remove the volumes dir 3207 - @weizhe0422 @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Download backing image failed with HTTP 502 error if Storage Network configured 7236 - @ChanYiLin @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] During volume live engine upgrade, delete replica with old engine image will make volume degraded forever 7012 - @PhanLe1010 @chriscchien
  • [BUG] A race after a node reboot leads to I/O errors with migratable volumes 6961 - @yangchiu @ejweber
  • [BUG] Metric totalVolumeSize and totalVolumeActualSize incorrect due to v2 volume counts 7380 - @c3y1huang @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Longhorn-manager does not deploy CSI driver when integrated with linkerd service mesh 3809 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Test case test_node_eviction failed 7210 - @ejweber @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Cannot add block-type disk to node resource due to timeout error 7253 - @yangchiu @shuo-wu
  • [BUG] multiple "for-cloning-volume" snapshots created after cloning volume 5835 - @PhanLe1010 @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Volume has 2 active engines at the same time that blocks the volume controller reconciliation loop 4827 - @PhanLe1010 @chriscchien @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Volume UI displays only the last backup when using the recurring job 2997 - @mantissahz @chriscchien @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Volume gets stuck in an unknown state forever if created in an engine not fully deployed environment 6131 - @yangchiu @PhanLe1010
  • [BUG] Continuously auto-balancing replicas when zone does not have enough space 6671 - @yangchiu @c3y1huang @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] backing-image-manager- hostPath selection exception 7062 - @ChanYiLin @chriscchien
  • [BUG] GET error for volume attachment on node reboot 4188 - @PhanLe1010
  • [BUG] Errors found by static checker in volume controller 7009 - @m-ildefons
  • [BUG] Enabling replica-auto-balance tries to replicate to disabled nodes causing lots of errors in the logs and in the UI 6508 - @c3y1huang @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Confusing logging when trying to attach a new volume with no scheduled replicas 7244 - @ejweber @chriscchien
  • [BUG] allow-collecting-longhorn-usage-metrics setting is missing from chart settings 7050 - @ChanYiLin @yardenshoham @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Longhorn storage network is incompatible with Multus version above v4.0.0 6953 - @c3y1huang @chriscchien
  • [BUG] The archived docs page is broken 7222 - @innobead
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Optimize the resource cache to prevent high memory usage in longhorn-manager 6954 - @derekbit @nitendra-suse
  • [DOC] longhorn-csi-plugin stuck in CrashLoopBackOff after system crash (SELinux related) 5348 - @ejweber
  • [BUG] Cannot detach the restored volume when there is a node goes down during restoring 2103 - @ejweber @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Failing to mount encrypted volumes 7033 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [BUG] The instance manager with state unknown will be cleaned up in the split-brain case 6479 - @shuo-wu @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Orphan snapshot attachment tickets prevent volume from detaching 6652 - @ejweber @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Test case test_system_backup_and_restore failed 7143 - @ChanYiLin @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] missing description in support-bundle metadata.yaml 6997 - @c3y1huang @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Cannot mount XFS PV 7140 - @PhanLe1010 @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Volume encryption doesn't work on Amazon Linux 2 5944 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Test case test_csi_minimal_volume_size failed 7170 - @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Deleting a PVC bound to a CSI PV, will delete associated volume and the CSI PV in result. 7172 -
  • [BUG] Relax S3 client retry intervals, for throttled requests 2810 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [BUG] supportbundle/kubelet.log empty in k3s environment 7121 - @c3y1huang @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Failing to mount encrypted volumes v1.5.2 7045 - @derekbit @nitendra-suse
  • [BUG] Invalid volume name containing less-than sign 7092 -
  • [BUG] Somehow the Rebuilding field inside volume.meta is set to true when one replica only, causing the volume into attaching/detaching loop 6626 - @c3y1huang @nitendra-suse
  • [BUG] [longhorn-engine] [s390x] intermittent fail pipeline on build step 6975 - @Anarkis
  • [BUG] Longhorn Read-Only setting can be modified 5989 - @mantissahz @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] UI: All components handle window resizing events incorrectly 7036 - @votdev
  • [BUG] UI: The action menu handler should stop event propagation 7032 - @votdev
  • [BUG] longhorn manager isn't annotated with iam.amazonaws.com/role 6947 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [BUG] invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference in BackupVolumeController 6998 - @mantissahz @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Longhorn manager pods in 1.5.1 consuming 20GB+ RAM and 3-4 vCPUs 6866 - @derekbit @shuo-wu
  • [BUG] MountVolume.MountDevice failed for volume Output: mount.nfs: Protocol not supported 6887 - @derekbit
  • [BUG] High CPU usage on one node. 6578 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Set a invalid backup target when backup in progress will cause backup never finish 6491 - @ChanYiLin @chriscchien
  • [BUG] duplicate MIME type "text/html" in /var/config/nginx/nginx.conf 7002 - @votdev
  • [BUG] After crashed engine process, volume stuck in Unknown state 6699 - @ChanYiLin @nitendra-suse
  • [BUG] Longhorn Instance Manager Memory leak 6481 - @james-munson @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Two active engine when volume migrating 6642 - @PhanLe1010 @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Button "Take Snapshot" and "Create Backup" grayed out. 6841 - @votdev
  • [BUG] Environment Check Script Fails To Perform All Checks 5653 - @PhanLe1010 @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Volumes failing to mount because of engine upgradedReplicaAddressMap reference 6762 - @PhanLe1010 @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Unable to add a block-type disk with a new name 6849 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [BUG] IO error occurs when detaching RWX volume 6829 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [BUG] DR volume failed when synchronizing the incremental backup 6750 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Salvage failing in attaching and detaching loop, another pod is attached with health unknown 6662 - @james-munson
  • [BUG] 1.5.0: AttachVolume.Attach failed for volume, the volume is currently attached to different node 6287 - @yangchiu @derekbit
  • [BUG] Helm installation with privateRegistry.registryUrl set doesn't work 3057 - @PhanLe1010 @chriscchien
  • [BUG] cifs backup mount paths with dollar sign are not allowed 6660 - @derekbit @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Failed Statefulset Pod Creation with RWX Workload on Longhorn v1.3.3 and SLES 15 SP5 6494 - @ejweber @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Failure to update backup status leads to infinite reconciliation 6358 - @ejweber @chriscchien
  • [BUG] longhorn installation randomly failed on sles 15-sp5 due to longhorn manager CrashLoopBackOff 6504 - @ejweber @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Can't delete volumesnapshot if backup target not set 4979 - @ejweber @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Share manager pod will stay in IO error when the volume becomes read only 5961 - @ChanYiLin @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] SettingNameSnapshotDataIntegrityCronJob should be sent as boolean value 6410 - @c3y1huang @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Permission denied when starting longhorn-ui container 6430 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Longhorn manager crashed during backing image 100gb volume export 5209 - @ChanYiLin @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Removed IM CPU request settings still exists and new IM CPU request missed from chart settings 6465 - @c3y1huang @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Error during backup process will be removed quickly without user knowing 1249 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [BUG] PV using v2 engine cannot attach 6441 - @derekbit @chriscchien @nitendra-suse
  • [BUG] Backup Job returns "Completed" despite running into errors 4255 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [BUG] 1.5.0 Upgrade: Longhorn conversion webhook server fails 6259 - @derekbit @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Webhook is never called for BackingImageManager 6328 - @ejweber @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Error message not getting cleaned up on switching the backupstore 2944 - @mantissahz
  • [BUG] Unable to list backup from a local backupstore in RKE2 CIS-1.23 environment 6342 - @mantissahz
  • [BUG] test case test_inc_restoration_with_multiple_rebuild_and_expansion randomly failed 5496 - @mantissahz
  • [BUG] disk monitor cannot recognize disks if disk paths are somehow changed after reboot 6125 - @yangchiu @derekbit
  • [BUG] Can not delete type=bi VolumeSnapshot if related backing image not exist 6266 - @ChanYiLin @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Race leaves snapshot CRs that cannot be deleted 6298 - @yangchiu @PhanLe1010 @ejweber
  • [BUG] test case test_setting_priority_class failed in master and v1.5.x 6319 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Upgrade to 1.5.0 failed: validator.longhorn.io denied the request if having orphan resources 6246 - @derekbit @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Longhorn Manager Pods CrashLoop after upgrade from 1.4.0 to 1.5.0 while backing up volumes 6264 - @ChanYiLin @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Unable to receive support bundle from UI when it's large (400MB+) 6256 - @c3y1huang @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Live upgrade stuck if the same volume name backup exists in the backup store 3403 - @ChanYiLin @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Instance manager may not update instance status for a minute after starting 5809 - @ejweber @chriscchien


  • [FEATURE] Increase read bandwidth of v2 volume from all downstream replicas 5759 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [TASK] Add 1.5 performance benchmark to performance benchmark WIKI page 6203 - @derekbit


  • [TASK] Bump the versions of dependent libs or components 7001 - @c3y1huang @chriscchien
  • [DOC] Make Troubleshooting section as an individual chapter 7706 - @derekbit
  • [TASK] Update the descriptions of setting variables in chart after doc review 7667 - @ChanYiLin
  • [REFACTOR] Remove unnecessary Kubernetes version check in chart manfests 7601 - @c3y1huang @roger-ryao
  • [TASK] Bump up the minimum supported Kubernetes version 7224 - @c3y1huang @roger-ryao
  • [TASK] Update CLIAPIVersion in longhorn-manager 7588 - @FrankYang0529 @roger-ryao
  • [TASK] Security vulnerabilities in docker images 7523 - @c3y1huang @roger-ryao
  • [TASK][UI] v2 volume does not support engine image upgrade 7445 - @chriscchien @scures @roger-ryao
  • [DOC] Add missing descriptions for Helm 7485 - @mantissahz
  • [TASK] Update protoc to v24.3 6666 - @FrankYang0529
  • [FEATURE] Enable resource profiling for IM 6377 - @derekbit @roger-ryao
  • [TASK] Synchronize version of CSI components in longhorn/longhorn and longhorn/longhorn-manager 7377 - @c3y1huang @roger-ryao
  • [TASK] Upgrade csi-snapshotter to mitigate rapid retry bug 6506 - @ejweber
  • [TASK] Remove engine image dependency of v2 volumes 7157 - @derekbit
  • [DOC] Fix erroneous value for default StorageMinimalAvailablePercentage setting. 7342 - @james-munson
  • [DOC] FS Trim for RWX is supported, but docs are out of date. 6733 - @james-munson
  • [REFACTOR] Abstract the disk/lvol file operations in backupstore 6576 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [TASK] Implement xattr get and set operations on SPDK logical volumes (lvol) 6604 - @derekbit
  • [DOC] Stress using object store as best practice for backups. 6773 - @james-munson
  • [DOC] Run fsck.ext4 on newer Longhorn volume from older Linux distro 6859 - @ejweber @roger-ryao
  • [TASK] Move common functions for backup to backupstore lib 6514 - @derekbit
  • [TASK] Investigate SELinux enabled with Longhorn 6074 - @yangchiu @ejweber
  • [IMPROVEMENT] List of Longhorn Helm Chart Flags 5455 - @ChanYiLin
  • [REFACTOR] UI: Disable Delete menu for default engine image 7029 - @votdev
  • [TASK][UI] Replace spec.engineImage field in volume, engine and replica CRDs with spec.image 6685 - @votdev
  • [EPIC] Side effects of increasing resync period in informer's event handlers 3629 - @PhanLe1010
  • [TASK] The development branch should reference to the head images in longhorn-image.txt 6737 - @c3y1huang @chriscchien
  • [TASK] Create a CIFS backup store example in longhorn repo 6530 - @chriscchien
  • [DOC] Explanation of storage class parameters 4776 - @james-munson @roger-ryao
  • [DOC] Create a KB for high space consumption issue guideline 6592 - @shuo-wu
  • [DOC] Create a KB for incorrect replica expansion 6391 - @ejweber
  • [DOC] deploy/longhorn.yaml out of date - causes all longhorn-manager instances to crash-loop 6428 - @c3y1huang
  • [REFACTORING] Move adding finalizer of resources to mutation webhooks as volume/engine/replica 4872 - @ejweber @chriscchien
  • [TASK] Update or remove out-of-date cleanup script 6316 - @james-munson
  • [DOC] v1.5.0 additional outgoing firewall ports need to be opened 9501 9502 9503 6317 - @ChanYiLin @chriscchien
  • [TASK] Check and update the networking doc & example YAMLs 5651 - @yangchiu @shuo-wu


  • @Anarkis
  • @ArthurVardevanyan
  • @ChanYiLin
  • @DamiaSan
  • @FrankYang0529
  • @PhanLe1010
  • @Vicente-Cheng
  • @antoninferrand
  • @c3y1huang
  • @chriscchien
  • @derekbit
  • @ejweber
  • @innobead
  • @james-munson
  • @jillian-maroket
  • @m-ildefons
  • @mantissahz
  • @nitendra-suse
  • @roger-ryao
  • @scures
  • @sfackler
  • @shuo-wu
  • @smallteeths
  • @votdev
  • @weizhe0422
  • @yangchiu
  • @yardenshoham


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Feb. 1, 2024, 1:32 p.m.
Longhorn v1.6.0
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