Longhorn - v1.5.2-rc3

Release Note

DON'T UPGRADE from/to any RC/Preview releases, because the operation is not supported.

v1.5.2-rc3 released! 🎆

This release introduces bug fixes and improvements, with the main focus on stability. Please try it and provide feedback. Thanks for all the contributions!


Please ensure your Kubernetes cluster is at least v1.21 before installing v1.5.2.

Longhorn supports three installation ways including Rancher App Marketplace, Kubectl, and Helm. Follow the installation instructions here.


Please read the important notes first and ensure your Kubernetes cluster is at least v1.21 before upgrading to Longhorn v1.5.2 from v1.4.x/v1.5.x, which are only supported source versions.

The live upgrade from v1.4.x/v1.5.x is not supported until the GA release. When available, follow the upgrade instructions here. Here.

Deprecation & Incompatibilities


Known Issues after Release

Please follow up on here about any outstanding issues found after this release.

Resolved Issues


  • [FEATURE] Add disk status prometheus metrics 6858 - @c3y1huang @chriscchien


  • [IMPROVEMENT] High memory consumption of longhorn-manager pods since Longhorn v1.5 6936 - @derekbit
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Old kernel such as 3.10.0 set provisioning_mode to wrong value (writesame_16, disabled, full, ...) but not the correct value (unmap) so the trim feature doesn't work 6854 - @PhanLe1010 @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improve log level for resource update failure able to reconcile again 6843 - @PhanLe1010 @nitendra-suse
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Don't log about inability to change settings that didn't change. 6812 - @james-munson @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Use nvme-cli in instance-manager pod instead 6798 - @derekbit
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Prevent unexpected engine creation 6682 - @PhanLe1010 @ejweber @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Support both NFS hard and soft with custom timeo and retrans options for RWX volumes 6655 - @derekbit @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Prevent Volume Provision if Related Backing Image Stuck in Ready-For-Trasfer State 6615 - @ChanYiLin @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Support custom options for network filesystems for backup 6608 - @james-munson
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Remove dummy services of each CSI sidecar if not required 6581 - @ejweber @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Include /var/log/messages during the support-bundle syslog collection 6544 - @c3y1huang @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Provide more information for volume scheduling failure 6461 - @smallteeths @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Remove or Change Helm pre-upgrade hook to support ArgoCD 6415 - @mantissahz
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improve upgrade path and make it more solid 6294 - @PhanLe1010 @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] UI Volume detail page still shows Block Device when spec.disableFrontend is true 6167 - @smallteeths @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Fix scheduling flooding logs 6019 - @ChanYiLin @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Add reserve storage percentage of nodes setting in helm chart 5958 - @mantissahz @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Longhorn-engine processes should refuse to serve requests not intended for them 5845 - @ejweber @chriscchien
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Unify logs with extra static info like module/method/function/line 5509 - @ChanYiLin @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Add pvc name to longhorn_volume metrics 5297 - @c3y1huang @nitendra-suse
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Avoid the accident deletion of longhorn settings 4984 - @ejweber @roger-ryao
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Remove Longhorn engine path mismatch log 3786 - @c3y1huang @roger-ryao


  • [IMPROVEMENT] Optimize the resource cache to prevent high memory usage in longhorn-manager 6954 - @derekbit @nitendra-suse
  • [BUG] Longhorn manager pods in 1.5.1 consuming 20GB+ RAM and 3-4 vCPUs 6866 - @derekbit @shuo-wu
  • [BUG] Longhorn Instance Manager Memory leak 6481 - @james-munson @chriscchien


  • [BUG] DR volume failed when synchronizing the incremental backup 6750 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [BUG] After crashed engine process, volume stuck in Unknown state 6699 - @ChanYiLin @nitendra-suse
  • [BUG] Two active engine when volume migrating 6642 - @PhanLe1010 @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Somehow the Rebuilding field inside volume.meta is set to true when one replica only, causing the volume into attaching/detaching loop 6626 - @c3y1huang @nitendra-suse


  • [BUG] RWX workload gets stuck in ContainerCreating after cluster restart 6924 - @yangchiu @derekbit
  • [BUG] Volumes failing to mount because of engine upgradedReplicaAddressMap reference 6762 - @PhanLe1010 @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Set a invalid backup target when backup in progress will cause backup never finish 6491 - @ChanYiLin
  • [BUG] Share manager pod will stay in IO error when the volume becomes read only 5961 - @ChanYiLin @roger-ryao


  • [BUG] duplicate MIME type "text/html" in /var/config/nginx/nginx.conf 7002 - @votdev
  • [BUG] invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference in BackupVolumeController 6998 - @mantissahz
  • [BUG] Unable to upgrade longhorn from v1.4.x to v1.5.x: longhorn-manager CrashLoopBackOff 6987 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Longhorn storage network is incompatible with Multus version above v4.0.0 6953 - @c3y1huang
  • [BUG] longhorn manager isn't annotated with iam.amazonaws.com/role 6947 - @mantissahz
  • [BUG] Unable to add a block-type disk with a new name 6849 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [BUG] IO error occurs when detaching RWX volume 6829 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [BUG] cifs backup mount paths with dollar sign are not allowed 6660 - @derekbit @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Orphan snapshot attachment tickets prevent volume from detaching 6652 - @ejweber
  • [BUG] High CPU usage on one node. 6578 - @derekbit @chriscchien
  • [BUG] The instance manager with state unknown will be cleaned up in the split-brain case 6479 - @shuo-wu
  • [BUG] Removed IM CPU request settings still exists and new IM CPU request missed from chart settings 6465 - @c3y1huang @chriscchien
  • [BUG] PV using v2 engine cannot attach 6441 - @derekbit @chriscchien @nitendra-suse
  • [BUG] SettingNameSnapshotDataIntegrityCronJob should be sent as boolean value 6410 - @c3y1huang @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Fix errors in questions.yaml 6392 - @james-munson @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Webhook is never called for BackingImageManager 6328 - @ejweber @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Longhorn Read-Only setting can be modified 5989 - @mantissahz
  • [BUG] Environment Check Script Fails To Perform All Checks 5653 - @PhanLe1010 @roger-ryao
  • [BUG] Can't delete volumesnapshot if backup target not set 4979 - @ejweber @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Backup Job returns "Completed" despite running into errors 4255 - @mantissahz @chriscchien
  • [BUG] Error during backup process will be removed quickly without user knowing 1249 - @mantissahz @chriscchien


  • [TASK] Revert "Disable Automatically Delete Workload Pod when The Volume Is Detached Unexpectedly for RWX volumes" 6838 - @derekbit @roger-ryao


  • @ChanYiLin
  • @PhanLe1010
  • @c3y1huang
  • @chriscchien
  • @derekbit
  • @ejweber
  • @innobead
  • @james-munson
  • @mantissahz
  • @nitendra-suse
  • @roger-ryao
  • @shuo-wu
  • @smallteeths
  • @votdev
  • @yangchiu


Oct. 31, 2023, 11:42 a.m.
Longhorn v1.5.2-rc3 release
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