Longhorn - v1.2.4

Release Note

v1.2.4 released! 🎆

This release introduces bug fixes as described below including stability, scalability, performance, security hardening, and so on. Please try it and feedback. Thanks for all the contributions!


Longhorn supports 3 installation ways including Rancher catalog, Kubectl, and Helm. Follow the installation instructions here.


Follow the upgrade instructions here.

Deprecation & Incompatibilities

No deprecated or incompatible changes are introduced in this release.


  • [BUG] Scalability issue in Longhorn (3083) - @kaxing @PhanLe1010
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Loading http requests on demand (3528) - @kaxing @smallteeths
  • [BUG] High CPU usage by instance manager (3636) - @keithalucas @meldafrawi


  • [IMPROVEMENT] Change the lifecycle management of the instance-manager pods. (2650) - @kaxing @shuo-wu


  • [BUG] Instance managers and Pods with attached volumes restarted every hour (2820) - @meldafrawi @PhanLe1010
  • [BUG] Volume with robustness is unknown is not reflect under Volume page (3291) - @kaxing @smallteeths
  • [BUG] Longhorn CSI prints out many error logs during the CSI backup (3392) - @PhanLe1010 @khushboo-rancher
  • [BUG] Failed to upgrade helm deployment due to hardcoded namespace (v1.2.3) (3433) - @kaxing @jenting
  • [BUG] Instance manager pods are recreated immediately when the node draining evicts the old pods (3459) - @shuo-wu @khushboo-rancher
  • [BUG] Instance manager crashes with invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference (3466) - @shuo-wu @khushboo-rancher
  • [BUG] Longhorn manager NPE due to the nil engine during the backup creation (3484) - @kaxing @shuo-wu
  • [Doc] Update the doc with the info encrypted filesystem does NOT need manual expansion (3511) - @khushboo-rancher
  • [BUG] Recurring Job delete not working correctly (3517) - @c3y1huang
  • [BUG] longhorn-ui crashlooping when running RKE2 with cis-1.5 profile (3658) - @smallteeths @khushboo-rancher
  • [BUG] Page navigation icon has moved up in v1.2.x - UI (3676) - @smallteeths


  • [IMPROVEMENT] refactor engine-image-controller to use structured logging (1726) - @jenting
  • [BUG] snapshot-controller 4.0 is not able to read VolumeSnapshotClass (2973) - @jenting
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Upgrade path improvement (3087) - @meldafrawi @shuo-wu
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Have UI support to identify non-default instance manager image of each volume in the volume list (3306) - @kaxing @smallteeths
  • [DOC] Document method to easily update Longhorn settings in scripted fashion/across multiple clusters (3578) - @yangchiu @jenting


  • @PhanLe1010
  • @c3y1huang
  • @innobead
  • @jenting
  • @kaxing
  • @keithalucas
  • @khushboo-rancher
  • @meldafrawi
  • @shuo-wu
  • @smallteeths


March 17, 2022, 11:53 a.m.
Longhorn v1.2.4 release
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