Git - v2.42.1

There is nothing exciting to see here. Relative to Git 2.42, this
release contains the fixes that have already been merged to the
'master' branch of the development towards Git 2.43 that has been
tagged as Git 2.43.0-rc0.

Fixes since Git 2.42.0

  • Tests that are known to pass with LSan are now marked as such.

  • Flaky "git p4" tests, as well as "git svn" tests, are now skipped
    in the (rather expensive) sanitizer CI job.

  • Tests with LSan from time to time seem to emit harmless message
    that makes our tests unnecessarily flaky; we work it around by
    filtering the uninteresting output.

  • GitHub CI workflow has learned to trigger Coverity check.

  • Overly long label names used in the sequencer machinery are now
    chopped to fit under filesystem limitation.

  • Scalar updates.

  • Tweak GitHub Actions CI so that pushing the same commit to multiple
    branch tips at the same time will not waste building and testing
    the same thing twice.

  • The commit-graph verification code that detects mixture of zero and
    non-zero generation numbers has been updated.

  • "git diff -w --exit-code" with various options did not work
    correctly, which is being addressed.

  • transfer.unpackLimit ought to be used as a fallback, but overrode
    fetch.unpackLimit and receive.unpackLimit instead.

  • The use of API between two calls to require_clean_work_tree() from
    the sequencer code has been cleaned up for consistency.

  • "git diff --no-such-option" and other corner cases around the exit
    status of the "diff" command has been corrected.

  • "git for-each-ref --sort='contents:size'" sorts the refs according
    to size numerically, giving a ref that points at a blob twelve-byte
    (12) long before showing a blob hundred-byte (100) long.

  • Various fixes to the behavior of "rebase -i" when the command got
    interrupted by conflicting changes.

  • References from description of the --patch option in various
    manual pages have been simplified and improved.

  • "git grep -e A --no-or -e B" is accepted, even though the negation
    of "or" did not mean anything, which has been tightened.

  • The completion script (in contrib/) has been taught to treat the
    "-t" option to "git checkout" and "git switch" just like the
    "--track" option, to complete remote-tracking branches.

  • "git diff --no-index -R <(one) <(two)" did not work correctly,
    which has been corrected.

  • Update "git maintenance" timers' implementation based on systemd
    timers to work with WSL.

  • "git diff --cached" codepath did not fill the necessary stat
    information for a file when fsmonitor knows it is clean and ended
    up behaving as if it is not clean, which has been corrected.

  • Clarify how " = : git cmd ; aliased-command-string" should
    be spelled with necessary whitespaces around punctuation marks to

  • HTTP Header redaction code has been adjusted for a newer version of
    cURL library that shows its traces differently from earlier

  • An error message given by "git send-email" when given a malformed
    address did not give correct information, which has been corrected.

  • UBSan options were not propagated through the test framework to git
    run via the httpd, unlike ASan options, which has been corrected.

Also contains various documentation updates, code clean-ups and minor fixups.


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