Git - v2.36.0


Updates since Git 2.35

Backward compatibility warts

  • "git name-rev --stdin" has been deprecated and issues a warning
    when used; use "git name-rev --annotate-stdin" instead.

  • "git clone --filter=... --recurse-submodules" only makes the
    top-level a partial clone, while submodules are fully cloned. This
    behaviour is changed to pass the same filter down to the submodules.

  • With the fixes for CVE-2022-24765 that are common with versions of
    Git 2.30.4, 2.31.3, 2.32.2, 2.33.3, 2.34.3, and 2.35.3, Git has
    been taught not to recognise repositories owned by other users, in
    order to avoid getting affected by their config files and hooks.
    You can list the path to the safe/trusted repositories that may be
    owned by others on a multi-valued configuration variable to override this behaviour, or use '*' to declare
    that you trust anything.

Note to those who build from the source

  • Since Git 2.31, our source assumed that the compiler you use to
    build Git supports variadic macros, with an easy-to-use escape
    hatch to allow compilation without variadic macros with an request
    to report that you had to use the escape hatch to the list.
    Because we haven't heard from anybody who actually needed to use
    the escape hatch, it has been removed, making support of variadic
    macros a hard requirement.

UI, Workflows & Features

  • Assorted updates to "git cat-file", especially "-h".

  • The command line completion (in contrib/) learns to complete
    arguments to give to "git sparse-checkout" command.

  • "git log --remerge-diff" shows the difference from mechanical merge
    result and the result that is actually recorded in a merge commit.

  • "git log" and friends learned an option --exclude-first-parent-only
    to propagate UNINTERESTING bit down only along the first-parent
    chain, just like --first-parent option shows commits that lack the
    UNINTERESTING bit only along the first-parent chain.

  • The command line completion script (in contrib/) learned to
    complete all Git subcommands, including the ones that are normally
    hidden, when GIT_COMPLETION_SHOW_ALL_COMMANDS is used.

  • "git branch" learned the "--recurse-submodules" option.

  • A user can forget to make a script file executable before giving
    it to "git bisect run". In such a case, all tests will exit with
    126 or 127 error codes, even on revisions that are marked as good.
    Try to recognize this situation and stop iteration early.

  • When "index-pack" dies due to incoming data exceeding the maximum
    allowed input size, include the value of the limit in the error

  • The error message given by "git switch HEAD~4" has been clarified
    to suggest the "--detach" option that is required.

  • In sparse-checkouts, files mis-marked as missing from the working tree
    could lead to later problems. Such files were hard to discover, and
    harder to correct. Automatically detecting and correcting the marking
    of such files has been added to avoid these problems.

  • "git cat-file" learns "--batch-command" mode, which is a more
    flexible interface than the existing "--batch" or "--batch-check"
    modes, to allow different kinds of inquiries made.

  • The level of verbose output from the ort backend during inner merge
    has been aligned to that of the recursive backend.

  • "git remote rename A B", depending on the number of remote-tracking
    refs involved, takes long time renaming them. The command has been
    taught to show progress bar while making the user wait.

  • Bundle file format gets extended to allow a partial bundle,
    filtered by similar criteria you would give when making a
    partial/lazy clone.

  • A new built-in userdiff driver for kotlin has been added.

  • "git repack" learned a new configuration to disable triggering of
    age-old "update-server-info" command, which is rarely useful these

  • "git stash" does not allow subcommands it internally runs as its
    implementation detail, except for "git reset", to emit messages;
    now "git reset" part has also been squelched.

  • "git ls-tree" learns "--oid-only" option, similar to "--name-only",
    and more generalized "--format" option.

  • "git fetch --refetch" learned to fetch everything without telling
    the other side what we already have, which is useful when you
    cannot trust what you have in the local object store.

  • "git branch" gives hint when branch tracking cannot be established
    because fetch refspecs from multiple remote repositories overlap.

  • "git worktree list --porcelain" did not c-quote pathnames and lock
    reasons with unsafe bytes correctly, which is worked around by
    introducing NUL terminated output format with "-z".

Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.

  • "git apply" (ab)used the util pointer of the string-list to keep
    track of how each symbolic link needs to be handled, which has been
    simplified by using strset.

  • Fix a hand-rolled alloca() imitation that may have violated
    alignment requirement of data being sorted in compatibility
    implementation of qsort_s() and stable qsort().

  • Use the parse-options API in "git reflog" command.

  • The conditional inclusion mechanism of configuration files using
    "[includeIf ]" learns to base its decision on the
    URL of the remote repository the repository interacts with.
    (merge 399b198489 jt/conditional-config-on-remote-url later to maint).

  • "git name-rev --stdin" does not behave like usual "--stdin" at
    all. Start the process of renaming it to "--annotate-stdin".
    (merge a2585719b3 jc/name-rev-stdin later to maint).

  • "git update-index", "git checkout-index", and "git clean" are
    taught to work better with the sparse checkout feature.

  • Use an internal call to reset_head() helper function instead of
    spawning "git checkout" in "rebase", and update code paths that are
    involved in the change.

  • Messages "ort" merge backend prepares while dealing with conflicted
    paths were unnecessarily confusing since it did not differentiate
    inner merges and outer merges.

  • Small modernization of the rerere-train script (in contrib/).

  • Use designated initializers we started using in mid 2017 in more
    parts of the codebase that are relatively quiescent.

  • Improve failure case behaviour of xdiff library when memory
    allocation fails.

  • General clean-up in reftable implementation, including
    clarification of the API documentation, tightening the code to
    honor documented length limit, etc.

  • Remove the escape hatch we added when we introduced the weather
    balloon to use variadic macros unconditionally, to make it official
    that we now have a hard dependency on the feature.

  • Makefile refactoring with a bit of suffixes rule stripping to
    optimize the runtime overhead.

  • "git stash drop" is reimplemented as an internal call to
    reflog_delete() function, instead of invoking "git reflog delete"
    via run_command() API.

  • Count string_list items in size_t, not "unsigned int".

  • The single-key interactive operation used by "git add -p" has been
    made more robust.

  • Remove unneeded from gitweb

  • "git name-rev" learned to use the generation numbers when setting
    the lower bound of searching commits used to explain the revision,
    when available, instead of committer time.

  • Replace core.fsyncObjectFiles with two new configuration variables,
    core.fsync and core.fsyncMethod.

  • Updates to refs traditionally weren't fsync'ed, but we can
    configure using core.fsync variable to do so.

  • "git reflog" command now uses parse-options API to parse its
    command line options.

Fixes since v2.35

  • "rebase" and "stash" in secondary worktrees are broken in
    Git 2.35.0, which has been corrected.

  • "git pull --rebase" ignored the rebase.autostash configuration
    variable when the remote history is a descendant of our history,
    which has been corrected.
    (merge 3013d98d7a pb/pull-rebase-autostash-fix later to maint).

  • "git update-index --refresh" has been taught to deal better with
    racy timestamps (just like "git status" already does).
    (merge 2ede073fd2 ms/update-index-racy later to maint).

  • Avoid tests that are run under GIT_TRACE2 set from failing
    (merge 944d808e42 js/test-unset-trace2-parents later to maint).

  • The merge-ort misbehaved when merge.renameLimit configuration is
    set too low and failed to find all renames.
    (merge 9ae39fef7f en/merge-ort-restart-optim-fix later to maint).

  • We explain that revs come first before the pathspec among command
    line arguments, but did not spell out that dashed options come
    before other args, which has been corrected.
    (merge c11f95010c tl/doc-cli-options-first later to maint).

  • "git add -p" rewritten in C regressed hunk splitting in some cases,
    which has been corrected.
    (merge 7008ddc645 pw/add-p-hunk-split-fix later to maint).

  • "git fetch --negotiate-only" is an internal command used by "git
    push" to figure out which part of our history is missing from the
    other side. It should never recurse into submodules even when
    fetch.recursesubmodules configuration variable is set, nor it
    should trigger "gc". The code has been tightened up to ensure it
    only does common ancestry discovery and nothing else.
    (merge de4eaae63a gc/fetch-negotiate-only-early-return later to maint).

  • The code path that verifies signatures made with ssh were made to
    work better on a system with CRLF line endings.
    (merge caeef01ea7 fs/ssh-signing-crlf later to maint).

  • "git sparse-checkout init" failed to write into $GIT_DIR/info
    directory when the repository was created without one, which has
    been corrected to auto-create it.
    (merge 7f44842ac1 jt/sparse-checkout-leading-dir-fix later to maint).

  • Cloning from a repository that does not yet have any branches or
    tags but has other refs resulted in a "remote transport reported
    error", which has been corrected.
    (merge dccea605b6 jt/clone-not-quite-empty later to maint).

  • Mark in various places in the code that the sparse index and the
    split index features are mutually incompatible.
    (merge 451b66c533 js/sparse-vs-split-index later to maint).

  • Update the logic to compute alignment requirement for our mem-pool.
    (merge e38bcc66d8 jc/mem-pool-alignment later to maint).

  • Pick a better random number generator and use it when we prepare
    temporary filenames.
    (merge 47efda967c bc/csprng-mktemps later to maint).

  • Update the contributor-facing documents on proposed log messages.
    (merge cdba0295b0 jc/doc-log-messages later to maint).

  • When "git fetch --prune" failed to prune the refs it wanted to
    prune, the command issued error messages but exited with exit
    status 0, which has been corrected.
    (merge c9e04d905e tg/fetch-prune-exit-code-fix later to maint).

  • Problems identified by Coverity in the reftable code have been
    (merge 01033de49f hn/reftable-coverity-fixes later to maint).

  • A bug that made multi-pack bitmap and the object order out-of-sync,
    making the .midx data corrupt, has been fixed.
    (merge f8b60cf99b tb/midx-bitmap-corruption-fix later to maint).

  • The build procedure has been taught to notice older version of zlib
    and enable our replacement uncompress2() automatically.
    (merge 07564773c2 ab/auto-detect-zlib-compress2 later to maint).

  • Interaction between fetch.negotiationAlgorithm and
    feature.experimental configuration variables has been corrected.
    (merge 714edc620c en/fetch-negotiation-default-fix later to maint).

  • "git diff --diff-filter=aR" is now parsed correctly.
    (merge 75408ca949 js/diff-filter-negation-fix later to maint).

  • When "git subtree" wants to create a merge, it used "git merge" and
    let it be affected by end-user's "merge.ff" configuration, which
    has been corrected.
    (merge 9158a3564a tk/subtree-merge-not-ff-only later to maint).

  • Unlike "git apply", "git patch-id" did not handle patches with
    hunks that has only 1 line in either preimage or postimage, which
    has been corrected.
    (merge 757e75c81e jz/patch-id-hunk-header-parsing-fix later to maint).

  • "receive-pack" checks if it will do any ref updates (various
    conditions could reject a push) before received objects are taken
    out of the temporary directory used for quarantine purposes, so
    that a push that is known-to-fail will not leave crufts that a
    future "gc" needs to clean up.
    (merge 5407764069 cb/clear-quarantine-early-on-all-ref-update-errors later to maint).

  • When there is no object to write .bitmap file for, "git
    multi-pack-index" triggered an error, instead of just skipping,
    which has been corrected.
    (merge eb57277ba3 tb/midx-no-bitmap-for-no-objects later to maint).

  • "git cmd -h" outside a repository should error out cleanly for many
    commands, but instead it hit a BUG(), which has been corrected.
    (merge 87ad07d735 js/short-help-outside-repo-fix later to maint).

  • "working tree" and "per-worktree ref" were in glossary, but
    "worktree" itself wasn't, which has been corrected.
    (merge 2df5387ed0 jc/glossary-worktree later to maint).

  • L10n support for a few error messages.
    (merge 3d3c23b3a7 bs/forbid-i18n-of-protocol-token-in-fetch-pack later to maint).

  • Test modernization.
    (merge d4fe066e4b sy/t0001-use-path-is-helper later to maint).

  • "git log --graph --graph" used to leak a graph structure, and there
    was no way to countermand "--graph" that appear earlier on the
    command line. A "--no-graph" option has been added and resource
    leakage has been plugged.

  • Error output given in response to an ambiguous object name has been
    (merge 3a73c1dfaf ab/ambiguous-object-name later to maint).

  • "git sparse-checkout" wants to work with per-worktree configuration,
    but did not work well in a worktree attached to a bare repository.
    (merge 3ce1138272 ds/sparse-checkout-requires-per-worktree-config later to maint).

  • Setting core.untrackedCache to true failed to add the untracked
    cache extension to the index.

  • Workaround we have for versions of PCRE2 before their version 10.36
    were in effect only for their versions newer than 10.36 by mistake,
    which has been corrected.
    (merge 97169fc361 rs/pcre-invalid-utf8-fix-fix later to maint).

  • Document Taylor as a new member of Git PLC at SFC. Welcome.
    (merge e8d56ca863 tb/coc-plc-update later to maint).

  • "git checkout -b branch/with/multi/level/name && git stash" only
    recorded the last level component of the branch name, which has
    been corrected.

  • Check the return value from parse_tree_indirect() to turn segfaults
    into calls to die().
    (merge 8d2eaf649a gc/parse-tree-indirect-errors later to maint).

  • Newer version of GPGSM changed its output in a backward
    incompatible way to break our code that parses its output. It also
    added more processes our tests need to kill when cleaning up.
    Adjustments have been made to accommodate these changes.
    (merge b0b70d54c4 fs/gpgsm-update later to maint).

  • The untracked cache newly computed weren't written back to the
    on-disk index file when there is no other change to the index,
    which has been corrected.

  • "git config -h" did not describe the "--type" option correctly.
    (merge 5445124fad mf/fix-type-in-config-h later to maint).

  • The way generation number v2 in the commit-graph files are
    (not) handled has been corrected.
    (merge 6dbf4b8172 ds/commit-graph-gen-v2-fixes later to maint).

  • The method to trigger malloc check used in our tests no longer work
    with newer versions of glibc.
    (merge baedc59543 ep/test-malloc-check-with-glibc-2.34 later to maint).

  • When "git fetch --recurse-submodules" grabbed submodule commits
    that would be needed to recursively check out newly fetched commits
    in the superproject, it only paid attention to submodules that are
    in the current checkout of the superproject. We now do so for all
    submodules that have been run "git submodule init" on.

  • "git rebase $base $non_branch_commit", when $base is an ancestor or
    the $non_branch_commit, modified the current branch, which has been

  • When "shallow" information is updated, we forgot to update the
    in-core equivalent, which has been corrected.

  • When creating a loose object file, we didn't report the exact
    filename of the file we failed to fsync, even though the
    information was readily available, which has been corrected.

  • "git am" can read from the standard input when no mailbox is given
    on the command line, but the end-user gets no indication when it
    happens, making Git appear stuck.
    (merge 7b20af6a06 jc/mailsplit-warn-on-tty later to maint).

  • "git mv" failed to refresh the cached stat information for the
    entry it moved.
    (merge b7f9130a06 vd/mv-refresh-stat later to maint).

  • Other code cleanup, docfix, build fix, etc.
    (merge cfc5cf428b jc/find-header later to maint).
    (merge 40e7cfdd46 jh/p4-fix-use-of-process-error-exception later to maint).
    (merge 727e6ea350 jh/p4-spawning-external-commands-cleanup later to maint).
    (merge 0a6adc26e2 rs/grep-expr-cleanup later to maint).
    (merge 4ed7dfa713 po/readme-mention-contributor-hints later to maint).
    (merge 6046f7a91c en/plug-leaks-in-merge later to maint).
    (merge 8c591dbfce bc/clarify-eol-attr later to maint).
    (merge 518e15db74 rs/parse-options-lithelp-help later to maint).
    (merge cbac0076ef gh/doc-typos later to maint).
    (merge ce14de03db ab/no-errno-from-resolve-ref-unsafe later to maint).
    (merge 2826ffad8c rc/negotiate-only-typofix later to maint).
    (merge 0f03f04c5c en/sparse-checkout-leakfix later to maint).
    (merge 74f3390dde sy/diff-usage-typofix later to maint).
    (merge 45d0212a71 ll/doc-mktree-typofix later to maint).
    (merge e9b272e4c1 js/no-more-legacy-stash later to maint).
    (merge 6798b08e84 ab/do-not-hide-failures-in-git-dot-pm later to maint).
    (merge 9325285df4 po/doc-check-ignore-markup-fix later to maint).
    (merge cd26cd6c7c sy/modernize-t-lib-read-tree-m-3way later to maint).
    (merge d17294a05e ab/hash-object-leakfix later to maint).
    (merge b8403129d3 jd/t0015-modernize later to maint).
    (merge 332acc248d ds/mailmap later to maint).
    (merge 04bf052eef ab/grep-patterntype later to maint).
    (merge 6ee36364eb ab/diff-free-more later to maint).
    (merge 63a36017fe nj/read-tree-doc-reffix later to maint).
    (merge eed36fce38 sm/no-git-in-upstream-of-pipe-in-tests later to maint).
    (merge c614beb933 ep/t6423-modernize later to maint).
    (merge 57be9c6dee ab/reflog-prep-fix later to maint).
    (merge 5327d8982a js/in-place-reverse-in-sequencer later to maint).
    (merge 2e2c0be51e dp/worktree-repair-in-usage later to maint).
    (merge 6563706568 jc/coding-guidelines-decl-in-for-loop later to maint).


April 18, 2022, 5:21 a.m.
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