Budibase - v2.3.21

What's Changed

  • Chore - use testcontainers by @adrinr in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9419
  • CLI backup + app export memory usage improvements by @mike12345567 in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9550
  • New Onboarding Loading States by @Ghrehh in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9519
  • Test - #9339 sqlpostgres row api test suite by @adrinr in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9368
  • Tests/environment variables by @mbadan in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9565
  • Fix Import Validations by @Ghrehh in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9546
  • Datasource plugin app error by @mike12345567 in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9589
  • Bump CI default unit test timeout to 10s by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9619
  • User test fix and attempt to fix pre-release issue by @mike12345567 in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9655
  • Enable use of redis container in worker tests by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9671
  • Enable higher concurrency and resiliency in worker tests by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9670
  • Configurable test log levels and common error handling by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9669
  • Link to Plugin Repo from Plugin Page by @Ghrehh in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9690
  • Merge master into develop by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9702
  • add datadog apm by @jonnymccullagh in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9693
  • Attempt to fix flakey 409s when deleting screens that are linked in the nav by @aptkingston in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9700
  • Re-enabling nightly tests by @shogunpurple in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9706
  • Remove test on release-develop job (temporary) by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9711
  • Update CSP for S3 by @PClmnt in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/8158
  • Handle webhook errors by @melohagan in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9715
  • Fix server docker build by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9718
  • Fix qa deploy dispatch by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9724
  • Fix tenant creation on user save by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9725
  • Add Fetch Row Button Action by @Ghrehh in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9653
  • Null safety by @melohagan in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9746
  • Prevent SSO users from setting / resetting a password by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9672
  • Static formula document conflict issue by @mike12345567 in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9750
  • rory/february by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9757
  • Re-order deprovisioning sequence to fix platform user removal by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9765
  • New Onboarding URL Validation by @Ghrehh in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9507
  • Fix Automation Bindings Panel Requiring a Double Click by @Ghrehh in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9688
  • Test - Fix relation get test to test expected behaviour by @adrinr in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9761
  • Run CI steps in parallel by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9760
  • Update locks error logging by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9768
  • Backups UI Changes by @Ghrehh in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9726
  • bumping qa core types and backend core dependencies by @shogunpurple in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9743
  • Use --runInBand in CI only by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9771
  • Allow updating nested settings via conditional UI by @aptkingston in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9748
  • Update builder and authorized middleware to be more strict towards unauthenticated by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9774
  • Fix error being thrown when attempting to change query parameters by @aptkingston in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9782
  • Improve Add Screen Modal by @Ghrehh in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9759
  • Undo/Redo for Design and Automate sections + automations refactor by @aptkingston in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9714
  • Remove deploy to release env by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9793
  • Bug - budi-6619 - Cannot update relationships in postgresql many to one by @adrinr in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9777
  • Fix App Import by @Ghrehh in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9796
  • set couchDB chart version to 3.1.1 by @shogunpurple in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9798
  • Downgrade glopezep/helm to 1.7.0 by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9803
  • Fix helm action by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9804
  • Use forked helm action by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9814
  • Enforceable SSO by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9787
  • Configs / Server tests / Failing real email tests updates by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9785
  • Break out pro tests into their own ci job by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9817
  • Audit Logs by @PClmnt in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9795
  • Prefer default config for google sheets in cloud, don't use env vars for regular auth by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9822
  • Bug - budi-6076 cannot delete columns in google sheet by @adrinr in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9815
  • Add validation between sso config acivation and sso enforcement by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9824
  • Feature/app user onboarding ux by @deanhannigan in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9827
  • Fix default oidc icons by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9826
  • Query schema - keep changes when running query again by @mike12345567 in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9829
  • Fix for operationId in OpenAPI specs by @mike12345567 in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9828
  • Fix settings doc id in new installs by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9841
  • Only allow admins to access audit logs screen by @PClmnt in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9843
  • Prevent showing user exists for password disabled actions by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9842
  • Audit log multi-tenancy fix by @mike12345567 in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9844
  • Support navigate to link in new tab by @melohagan in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9800
  • allow proxy service rate limits to be controlled with helm by @shogunpurple in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9848
  • Fix for exporting/importing apps with different attachment columns by @mike12345567 in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9849
  • Fix for group picker in the portal user details section by @deanhannigan in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9847
  • Bypass password onboarding for enforced sso by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9851
  • Account portal no passwords sso by @Rory-Powell in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9861
  • Audit logs fixes by @PClmnt in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9864
  • Typescript conversion for CLI by @mike12345567 in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9872
  • develop -> master by @shogunpurple in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9875
  • Fix/gsheets test by @shogunpurple in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9885

New Contributors

  • @mbadan made their first contribution in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/9565

Full Changelog: https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/compare/v2.3.16...v2.3.21


March 6, 2023, 2:07 p.m.
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