Budibase - 2.16.0

What's Changed

  • Fix for nested state update parsing by @deanhannigan in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/12873
  • Allowed typed user query to be passed into invite user form. by @ConorWebb96 in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/12879
  • Refactor - fully replace FieldTypes with newer FieldType by @mike12345567 in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/12862
  • Attempting to fix CI Postgres test failures by @mike12345567 in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/12881
  • [Added] Microsoft to LoginSource enum by @jvcalderon in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/12890
  • Global bindings by @deanhannigan in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/12833
  • Update README.md by @joebudi in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/12891
  • Fix dev:noserver with account portal checked out by @mike12345567 in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/12897
  • Removing old inaccurate documentation for development by @mike12345567 in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/12899
  • Refactor test helpers by @adrinr in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/12877
  • Update account-portal submodule to latest by @adrinr in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/12903

Full Changelog: https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/compare/2.15.7...2.16.0


Jan. 30, 2024, 11:03 a.m.
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