Budibase - 2.22.0

What's Changed

  • Update row.spec.ts to test against more real databases. by @samwho in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13238
  • Fix - Allow deleting attachment column with empty values by @adrinr in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13246
  • Remove flakiness from unit tests by @adrinr in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13252
  • Reduce row.spec.ts's reliance on the TestConfiguration helpers. by @samwho in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13248
  • Convert view.spec.js to TypeScript, remove reliace on TestConfiguration. by @samwho in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13250
  • Plumbing for showing a maintenance page when SQS is required but missing. by @samwho in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/12914
  • Live binding evaluation and drawer rework by @aptkingston in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13169
  • Snippets by @aptkingston in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13173
  • App list actions by @deanhannigan in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13116
  • App favourites by @deanhannigan in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13205

Full Changelog: https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/compare/2.21.9...2.22.0


March 15, 2024, 1:54 p.m.
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