Budibase - 2.21.4

What's Changed

  • Create Redis bulk store utils by @adrinr in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13197
  • Form screen template by @deanhannigan in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13052
  • Create Redis increment utils by @adrinr in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13201
  • Create Redis deleteIfValue utils by @adrinr in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13204
  • Fix issue with filtering client side docs using lucene by @PClmnt in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13183
  • Added icon to button component, reworked icon display code. by @ConorWebb96 in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/12624
  • [fix] BUDI-7710: User groups do not fully support custom roles by @samwho in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13191
  • Enforce using example.com as a domain for emails. by @samwho in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13097
  • Update pro reference. by @samwho in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13209
  • Make user role type more representative of reality. by @samwho in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13211
  • Fix issue with being able to select one to one relationship by @PClmnt in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13210
  • Added custom title field to confirm actions modals by @ConorWebb96 in https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/pull/13208

Full Changelog: https://github.com/Budibase/budibase/compare/2.21.3...2.21.4


March 7, 2024, 1:56 p.m.
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