Argo Events - v1.7.4

Major Changes

  • Azure Service Bus as a trigger
  • Azure Service Bus as an EventSource
  • Support non-string parameters for triggering
  • Username/password support in MQTT event source
  • Fixed the Sensor crash issue (#2278) when upgrading JetStream event bus version

Pull Requests

  • feat: Azure Service Bus as a Trigger (#2280)
  • feat: Enable adding customized logging fields in sensor (#2325)
  • feat: Support non-string parameters. Closes #1236 (#2317)
  • [issue-1863] username and password auth support for mqtt eventsource (#2324)
  • eventbus controller: move fuzzer from cncf-fuzzing (#2314)
  • fix: payload serialization in sensor. Fixes #2272 (#2273)
  • fix: if key/value store already exists use that (#2293)
  • docs: Refactor documentation website (#2304)
  • chore: fixed workflow permissions (#2291)
  • chore: Better examples for expr.fields (#2282)
  • chore: Defined workflow permissions (#2281)
  • fix(docs): context filter documentation (#2277)
  • docs: fix service account name in OpenShift install (#2264)
  • feat: update third_party dependencies (#2245)
  • fix(docs): partition as optional field for kafka eventsource fixes: #1502 (#2246)
  • chore: EventSource example, added githubApp auth (#2248)
  • feat: Revision History Limit for sensor. Closes #1786 (#2244)
  • docs: Use new Google Analytics 4 site tag (#2237)
  • docs: add Gepardec to users (#2236)
  • feat: Azure Service Bus as EventSource (#2229)
  • Property name typo in Expr filter documentation (#2231)
  • ci: Pin k3d to use rancher/k3s:v1.21.7-k3s1 (#2207)




kubectl create namespace argo-events
kubectl apply -n argo-events -f

# Install validating webhook (optional)
kubectl apply -n argo-events -f


Dec. 12, 2022, 7:45 a.m.
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