Argo Events - v1.7.1


Major Changes

  • Redis and Redis Stream EventSources ACL auth support
  • Support parse QueryParameter and PostForm on webhook EventSource
  • Fixed JetStream EventBus resource setting bug
  • Fixed some security issues

Check out our blog for v1.7 release.

Pull Requests

  • feat: Add support for Redis ACL auth (#2007)
  • chore: move from streadway/amqp to rabbitmq/amqp091-go (#1999)
  • fix: jetstream statefulset resource setting (#1989)
  • feat: add support to parse QueryParameter and PostForm on webhook eventsource
  • fix: make access token optional (#1976)
  • fix: Limit github hooks manager daemon lifetime to 10 min (#1930)
  • chore: discontinue using ioutil (#1966)
  • fix: git artifactory arbitrary file read issue (#1965)
  • feat: add support of submit from existing resource (#1908) (#1941)
  • chore: jetstream new version and reloader image change (#1962)
  • chore: clean up unused function parameters (#1963)
  • fix: use crypto/rand instead of math/rand (#1959)
  • chore: expose git artifactory InsecureIgnoreHostKey in user spec (#1982)
  • chore: do not return nil since it is never used (#1960)
  • fix: add nil check on sensor spec validation (#1961)
  • chore: remove unused files to avoid DoS attach (#1958)




kubectl create namespace argo-events
kubectl apply -n argo-events -f

# Install validating webhook (optional)
kubectl apply -n argo-events -f


Security wording was detected, but no CVEs were found.


June 9, 2022, 6:27 a.m.
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