Argo Events - v1.7.0


Major Changes

  • JetStream EventBus implementation, it is used to replace current Nats Streaming implementation which will be end of life in 2023. With JetStream EventBus, duplicate dependencies restrictions are removed. Thanks to @juliev0 for the implementation.
  • Sensor supports to use LUA script for filtering.
  • Redis Stream EventSource support, thanks to @BulkBeing .
  • Combine controllers (eventbus-controller, eventsource-controller and sensor-controller) to one.
  • Controller HA support, thanks to @davidcollom .

Check out our blog for v1.7 release.

Pull Requests

  • fix: Enforce webhook secret in BitbucketServer event source (#1917)
  • docs: Sensor filters doc fix - correct number of types (#1921)
  • docs: Redis streams tutorial (#1915)
  • docs: script filter introduction (#1914)
  • feat: added script filter (#1894)
  • docs: update documentation to reflect Jetstream bus (#1890)
  • chore: jetstream upgrade to v2.8.1 and argo to 3.3.2 (#1887)
  • ci: e2e build for jetstream driver (#1889)
  • feat: Controller Leader Election (#1883)
  • docs: fix some typos in the markdown documentation (#1880)
  • fix minio put/delete triggers (#1873)
  • feat: Jetstream allows multiple dependencies to refer to the same Event (#1870)
  • feat: Incorporating Jetstream bus option into stress test (#1862)
  • feat: User should not be able to change Jetstream StreamConfig (#1860)
  • fix: example for trigger template parameterization (#1858)
  • fix: address timeout issue on CI server for 'make lint' (#1869)
  • fix: adding retry logic for Stream creation in the case that another client is trying to create the Stream at the same time (#1854)
  • ci: change CI to run make lint (#1867)
  • fix: broken gh-pages build (#1853)
  • Fixes related to making Sensor (and Eventsource) more robust if one or more Jetstream Pods goes down (#1845)
  • fix: example for minio (#1839)
  • feat: TLS for Jetstream (#1815)
  • feat: use user/pass for JetStream authentication (#1809)
  • feat: Jetstream - Get closer to "exactly once" by maintaining a cache of message IDs in the Trigger processing code (#1802)
  • feat: combine controllers to one deployment [Release Note] (#1753)
  • feat: Jetstream EventBus (#1783)
  • feat: more jetstream configurations (#1771)
  • fix: redis event source to be able to parameterize (#1754)
  • build: Make make lint faster (#1774)
  • build: Automated dependabot reviews. Fixes #1769 (#1770)
  • fix(leaderelection): never give up connection retry to nats server (#1748)
  • feat: Redis streams as event source (#1744)
  • chore: add start up probe for jetstream eventbus (#1735)
  • docs: Bitbucket es docs fix (#1742)
  • docs: Added Bitbucket (Cloud) docs (#1737)
  • docs: adding clarification for how to configure Argo Workflows to interoperate with Argo Events (#1736)
  • chore: update deprecated nats libs to fix security alerts (#1731)
  • chore: security fix for nats-streaming (#1730)
  • chore: upgrade dep for security fix (#1729)
  • docs: rewording for clarification (#1722)
  • feat: jetstream eventbus controller implementation (#1705)
  • docs: Added Bitbucket Server docs to Setup nav (#1662)
  • chore: Allow dependabot to open two prs (#1657)
  • fix: Update docs for Openshift support for the Validating Admission Webhook (#1650)
  • docs: Added Bitbucket Server docs (#1651)
  • chore: Upgrade to Kubernetes v0.23 (#1643)
  • chore: Upgrade openapi-gen (#1610)
  • fix: Ignore mv event buses error on make codegen. Fixes #1638 (#1639)




kubectl create namespace argo-events
kubectl apply -n argo-events -f

# Install validating webhook (optional)
kubectl apply -n argo-events -f


Since we combined the original three controllers to one, you need to delete the deployments before upgrading.

kubectl -n argo-events delete deploy eventbus-controller
kubectl -n argo-events delete deploy eventsource-controller
kubectl -n argo-events delete deploy sensor-controller


Security wording was detected, but no CVEs were found.


May 4, 2022, 10:47 p.m.
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