RKE - v1.5.3

Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) is a CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution that runs entirely within Docker containers. It works on bare-metal and virtualized servers. With RKE, the installation and operation of Kubernetes are both simplified and easily automated, and they are entirely independent of the operating system and platform you're running.

What's Changed

  • Add architecture.md by @manuelbuil in https://github.com/rancher/rke/pull/3453
  • Clean/speed up Drone by @superseb in https://github.com/rancher/rke/pull/3417
  • [release/v1.5] Simplify update README workflow by @superseb in https://github.com/rancher/rke/pull/3436
  • [v1.5] Added ACI-CNI variables by @akhilesh-oc in https://github.com/rancher/rke/pull/3475
  • [v1.5] update kdm branch to release-v2.8 by @kinarashah in https://github.com/rancher/rke/pull/3479

| Kubernetes version |
| --------------------- |
| v1.27.8-rancher2-2 (Default) |
| v1.26.11-rancher2-2 |
| v1.25.16-rancher2-2 |

| Experimental Kubernetes version |
| --------------------- |
| N/A |

Full Changelog: https://github.com/rancher/rke/compare/v1.5.2...v1.5.3


Jan. 22, 2024, 11:20 p.m.
Release v1.5.3
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