Prometheus - v2.51.0

This version is built with Go 1.22.1.

There is a new optional build tag "dedupelabels", which should reduce memory consumption (#12304).
It is off by default; there will be an optional alternative image to try it out.

  • [CHANGE] Scraping: Do experimental timestamp alignment even if tolerance is bigger than 1% of scrape interval #13624, #13737
  • [FEATURE] Alerting: Relabel rules for AlertManagerConfig; allows routing alerts to different alertmanagers #12551, #13735
  • [FEATURE] API: add limit param to series, label-names and label-values APIs #13396
  • [FEATURE] UI (experimental native histograms): Add native histogram chart to Table view #13658
  • [FEATURE] Promtool: Add a "tsdb dump-openmetrics" to dump in OpenMetrics format. #13194
  • [FEATURE] PromQL (experimental native histograms): Add histogram_avg function #13467
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Rules: Evaluate independent rules concurrently #12946, #13527
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Scraping (experimental native histograms): Support exemplars #13488
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Remote Write: Disable resharding during active retry backoffs #13562
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Observability: Add native histograms to latency/duration metrics #13681
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Observability: Add 'type' label to prometheus_tsdb_head_out_of_order_samples_appended_total #13607
  • [ENHANCEMENT] API: Faster generation of targets into JSON #13469, #13484
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Scraping, API: Use faster compression library #10782
  • [ENHANCEMENT] OpenTelemetry: Performance improvements in OTLP parsing #13627
  • [ENHANCEMENT] PromQL: Optimisations to reduce CPU and memory #13448, #13536
  • [BUGFIX] PromQL: Constrain extrapolation in rate() to half of sample interval #13725
  • [BUGFIX] Remote Write: Stop slowing down when a new WAL segment is created #13583, #13628
  • [BUGFIX] PromQL: Fix wrongly scoped range vectors with @ modifier #13559
  • [BUGFIX] Kubernetes SD: Pod status changes were not discovered by Endpoints service discovery #13337
  • [BUGFIX] Azure SD: Fix 'error: parameter virtualMachineScaleSetName cannot be empty' (#13702)
  • [BUGFIX] Remote Write: Fix signing for AWS sigv4 transport #13497
  • [BUGFIX] Observability: Exemplars emitted by Prometheus use "trace_id" not "traceID" #13589


March 19, 2024, 1:56 p.m.
2.51.0 / 2024-03-18
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