Prometheus - v2.37.0

This release is a LTS (Long-Term Support) release of Prometheus and will
receive security, documentation and bugfix patches for at least 6 months.
Please read more about our LTS release cycle at

Following data loss by users due to lack of unified buffer cache in OpenBSD, we
will no longer release Prometheus upstream for OpenBSD until a proper solution is
found. #8799

  • [FEATURE] Nomad SD: New service discovery for Nomad built-in service discovery. #10915
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Kubernetes SD: Allow attaching node labels for endpoint role. #10759
  • [ENHANCEMENT] PromQL: Optimise creation of signature with/without labels. #10667
  • [ENHANCEMENT] TSDB: Memory optimizations. #10873 #10874
  • [ENHANCEMENT] TSDB: Reduce sleep time when reading WAL. #10859 #10878
  • [ENHANCEMENT] OAuth2: Add appropriate timeouts and User-Agent header. #11020
  • [BUGFIX] Alerting: Fix Alertmanager targets not being updated when alerts were queued. #10948
  • [BUGFIX] Hetzner SD: Make authentication files relative to Prometheus config file. #10813
  • [BUGFIX] Promtool: Fix promtool check config not erroring properly on failures. #10952
  • [BUGFIX] Scrape: Keep relabeled scrape interval and timeout on reloads. #10916
  • [BUGFIX] TSDB: Don't increment prometheus_tsdb_compactions_failed_total when context is canceled. #10772
  • [BUGFIX] TSDB: Fix panic if series is not found when deleting series. #10907
  • [BUGFIX] TSDB: Increase prometheus_tsdb_mmap_chunk_corruptions_total on out of sequence errors. #10406
  • [BUGFIX] Uyuni SD: Make authentication files relative to Prometheus configuration file and fix default configuration values. #10813


July 14, 2022, 3:41 p.m.
2.37.0 / 2022-07-14
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