Pack - v0.33.0


  • A container runtime such as Docker or podman must be available to execute builds.


For instructions on installing pack, see our installation docs.


Run the command pack.

You should see the following output

CLI for building apps using Cloud Native Buildpacks

  pack [command]

Available Commands:
  build                 Generate app image from source code
  builder               Interact with builders
  buildpack             Interact with buildpacks
  extension             Interact with extensions
  config                Interact with your local pack config file
  inspect               Show information about a built app image
  stack                 (deprecated) Interact with stacks
  rebase                Rebase app image with latest run image
  sbom                  Interact with SBoM
  completion            Outputs completion script location
  report                Display useful information for reporting an issue
  version               Show current 'pack' version
  help                  Help about any command

      --force-color   Force color output
  -h, --help          Help for 'pack'
      --no-color      Disable color output
  -q, --quiet         Show less output
      --timestamps    Enable timestamps in output
  -v, --verbose       Show more output
      --version       Show current 'pack' version

Use "pack [command] --help" for more information about a command.


Builders created with this release of the pack CLI contain lifecycle v0.18.4 by default.


Dependencies update

  • Bump default lifecycle version & lifecycle library version 0.18.4 (#2032 by @jjbustamante)
  • Updating to go 1.21 (#2031 by @jjbustamante)
  • bump go-dependencies (#2030 #1992 #1990)
  • Replace with (#1984 by @Juneezee)


  • Adding --label flag to pack builder create command (#2034 by @jjbustamante)
  • docs: Improve documentation for --publish flag (#2024 by @rizul2108)
  • Feature: Retrieve SBoM from Registry for Remote Images (#2020 by @sarthaksarthak9)
  • add support to override UID for container (#2017 by @Parthiba-Hazra)
  • Ensure read access when resolving run image location (#2010 by @pbusko)
  • Fetch lifecycle binaries from lifecycle image (#2007 by @natalieparellano)
  • Disabling the progress log when downloading files on windows (#2006 by @jjbustamante)
  • New flatten buildpacks/builder implementation, based on RFC-0123 (#1925 and #1985 by @jjbustamante)
  • Allow the build to proceed with /cnb/lifecycle/creator when the order contains extensions (#1983 by @natalieparellano)
  • fix: display Command remaining parts if Args is nil (#1977 by @kotapeter)
  • Add --force-color flag (#1946 by @sarthaksarthak9)


  • Hardlinks are dereferenced in generated archives (#1896 by @jjbustamante)


We'd like to acknowledge that this release wouldn't be as good without the help of the following amazing contributors:

@Juneezee, @Parthiba-Hazra, @PratikforCoding, @dependabot[bot], @jjbustamante, @kotapeter, @lysliu, @natalieparellano, @pbusko, @rizul2108, @sarthaksarthak9


Feb. 2, 2024, 5:39 p.m.
pack v0.33.0
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