Microk8s - v1.27

Featured in this release

cloudinit-like launch configurations

Users can now provide a yaml manifest describing how MicroK8s should be setup. Manifests may specify things like:
- which addons to be enabled,
- what cluster the node should join,
- what image and addon repositories should be used,
- what arguments should be used in bringing up the K8s services

MicroK8s consumes configuration manifests found in /root/snap/microk8s/common/ or passed as snap configuration argument via snap set microk8s config=”$(cat microk8s-config.yaml)” as well as through a content interface.

Datastore  -  dqlite improvements

Optimizations in the queries that hit the datastore. This yields a sizable benefit in both latency and CPU utilization. Work on this area is still on-going so expect more improvements in the near future.

New partner and community addons

The following addons are new in the 1.27 release under the community repo: * Shifu is a Kubernetes native, production-grade, protocol & vendor agnostic IoT development framework. The partnership with Shifu takes IoT and Edge devices with MicroK8s to the next level. * EasyHAProxy automatically configures HA proxy as ingress based on the labels defined in deployed containers. An advantage of HA proxy is that it provides TCP endpoints and it works in tandem with the next addon. * Parking deploys a static webserver to park a domain this involves setting up all necessary ingress, service and pods.

Detail list of updates since last release

  • Kubernetes core services
    • Kubernetes v1.27
    • Containerd upgraded to v1.6.15
    • Rebase to snap core20 compatible with Ubuntu 20.04
    • dqlite updated to v1.14.0, with experimental disk-mode operation and performance improvements
    • CoreDNS updated to v1.10.0
    • Calico CNI updated to v3.25.0
    • DNS service enabled by default on new installations
    • CNI tools upgraded to 1.2.0, thanks @KhooHaoYit
    • Flannel upgraded to 0.21.2, adding support for IPv6 NAT, thanks @KhooHaoYit
  • Usability Improvements
    • configure your MicroK8s installation through cloudinit-like launch configurations
    • addons repo updates require sudo
    • enable/disable multiple addons in one command will display a depreciation warning
    • cert-manager addon will wait for the operator to be functional, thank you @balchua
    • fixes in refresh-certs command to handle presented certificates @dud225
    • inspection script to check for uppercase letters in hostname
    • installing on lxc without the proper profile will fail
    • fix microk8s reset command that would sometimes leave behind a few resources, thank you @m4rc3l-h3
    • microk8s ctr now needs elevated permissions, thank you @balchua
    • improved server certificate handling. Thank you @bitmeal
  • Addon updates
    • new partner addon shifu, try is with microk8s enable shifu, thank you @saiyan86, @tomqin93
    • new community addon EasyHAProxy, try it with microk8s enable easyhaproxy, thank you @byjg
    • new community addon Parking, try it with microk8s enable parking, thank you @byjg
    • Observability addon pinned to version v45.5.0
    • Mayastor updated to version v2.0.0
    • NVIDIA gpu operator updated to v22.9.1
    • Ingress updated to v1.5.1, thank you @howto-kubernetes-info
    • Traefik updated to v20.8.0
    • knative updated to v1.8.2
    • cilium updated to v1.11.12, thank you @Thesykan


April 12, 2023, 9:19 a.m.
MicroK8s v1.27 released!
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